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Every so often I hear things or read things about how we should dress, that make me mad and a bit sad.

Today’s blog is based on a comment that was posted by one of the members of my free Facebook Group, The Style Place.

As a way of getting to know my followers and to make sure that the content I create for you is useful and in tune with what you are looking for, I ask one simple question to anyone who has asked to join the Facebook group.

A few weeks ago somebody wrote something along these lines:

“I’d like to look more polished and well put-together. I suit bright jewel colours. During a discussion with a group of ladies, one a boutique owner, the general consensus was that bright colours were not as elegant/ sophisticated as the neutral grey/ beige.”

Now I’m sure that these ladies were lovely and well-meaning, but this kind of conclusion can be soooo disruptive and confidence shattering for anyone who is still trying to find their own way with style.

MY truth

We all have our own opinions about what great style means. And my outlook may or may not be the same as yours.

There are a gazillion Image Consultants out there in the big wide world with different views on what great style means.

And just like all humans, we as Image Consultants look different from each other. We dress differently and we have different ways of supporting our clients. We are trained differently and we have different motivations for doing the work we do.

In fact, I was listening to an interview recently between a boutique owner and an Image Consultant – a really lovely and stylish woman. One of her tips for women to feel better about themselves and boost confidence was to put their lipstick on. This advice, for a woman that knows she feels great in lipstick (myself included) is a useful reminder.

But what if YOU don’t suit or like wearing lipstick? What if lipstick makes you feel like your mum? Or your Nan? This advice could throw you into crisis. You try it and you feel worse.

I try to avoid giving blanket advice. If your true style is natural and especially if you are a natural with summer colouring, you probably don’t like to wear make-up at all. And if you put on some lipstick to face a situation that requires you to show up with confidence and it made you feel ‘wrong’ or overdone – or like your mum in your lipstick, that’s not going to help you in any way shape or form.

We are all beautifully different for a reason. We look different, we have different personalities, different taste, different lifestyles and different values. That’s why we are attracted to different ways of dressing, different friends, different partners and different image consultants! There is a place for us all.

So. Are neutral colours more sophisticated than the brights?

Sometimes yes and often no. It depends on you.

           YOUR colouring

           YOUR style and

           YOUR taste.

Try to run things through your filter, not your friend’s or advice from other (hopefully) well-meaning people.

You are unique and what makes you feel amazing is very probably different to what works for others around you. When you empower yourself by discovering your true style, it’s easier to ‘own’ it. Then you can stop questioning it.

I promise, when you do this, it feels amazing!

And as image consultants (just like any other profession), we have different ways and opinions on what works best for the women we work with and different beliefs about what makes great style. The women that choose to work with the lovely lady in the interview I watched – probably like putting their lipstick on and it makes them feel fabulously confident. And the ladies having discussions around neutral colours probably do suit them best and feel elegant wearing them. That’s their truth.

But what’s yours? It’s ok to be different.

Notice what makes YOU feel good. Run things through your filter.

And if you have NO idea what makes you feel good and confident, help yourself to my free video series – 5 Style Tips to get you looking and feeling your most fabulous self. You’ll receive a short video a day for 5 days, each covering a different element of style. This will give you some specific clues as to what suits YOU and why.

And if you are a Facebook user, request to join The Style Place by clicking here. I go live with a new video answering your style questions each week.

And for now, I’d love to know how you feel in lipstick?

Personally I love it. What about you? 

Leave me a comment below. Let’s see how beautifully different we all are.

Helen x

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