How much time do you spend pondering what to wear, when you have something in your diary which requires you to level up your style?

We all want to make a good impression don’t we? We want to look good, successful and stylish, without looking like we’ve spent days worrying about what to wear.

And the outfit needs to be practical and comfortable too, otherwise you’ll be too distracted to be relax and be ‘you’.



I bet you’ve already got all the component parts of these kinds of outfits, you just haven’t worked out your Outfit Formula yet. When you have this nailed, it becomes so much easier to get dressed at a moment’s notice on those occasions when you really want to shine brightly.



An Outfit Formula is a repeatable way of dressing using the same kind of clothes but in different colours, prints, textures.

When you know your most flattering and fabulous way of dressing, you can turn to it each and every time you need to feel fabulous.

For me, it’s slim leg trousers or jeans, a coloured or patterned loose-fit blouse and a smallish heeled boot. This combination of dressing is flattering for my figure – shows off my long legs and covers my tummy and bra strap bulges. So, I feel comfortable and the heel makes me feel powerful and ready for anything (except running for the bus or walking too far – I might have to take trainers in my bag for that bit).


Here are my steps FOR FInding yours:

1. Think about what kind of outfit you feel your best and most confident in. Is it a dress with heels? Tailored trousers and a silk blouse? A maxi skirt, logo t-shirt and trainers? Jeans and a blazer? Or something else? It’ll be different for each of us.

2.  Have a rummage through your wardrobe (go right to the back and see what’s fallen off a hanger too – often this is where your gems are hiding!). Pull out as many ‘ingredients’ of your favourite way of dressing as you can.

3. Set aside some time to play. How many different versions of your Outfit Formula can you create using the ingredients you already have? For example, based on my formula – if I have smart jeans, slim leg tailored trousers and leather trousers (so 3 pairs of ‘bottoms’), 3 great blouses and 2 footwear options, I can create a very satisfying 18 outfits.

4. When you find an outfit you love, snap a photo so that you have a record. This will help when you are short on time and need to pull together a fab outfit without stress, in minutes.

Once you’ve got your favourite outfit formula sorted, feel free to find another. There’s nothing to say you can’t have several if you are on a roll and like to change things up.

I can’t tell you how much this can change things for you. It even helps when you are shopping for new clothes. If it’s not part of an outfit formula – don’t buy it!

I urge you to find some time over the next few days to find your first outfit formula and as many combinations as you can from what you already own.

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment here on the blog.

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