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Which are your disappointing drawers?

I ask because this came up in a recent conversation with one of my lovely clients. We’ve worked together on various areas of her wardrobe over the years. When we got together to discuss her focus for her autumn/winter wardrobe, she told me that her wardrobe is looking pretty good for winter but she found her knitwear drawer disappointing.

I had to have a giggle at the idea of a drawer being disappointing but it got me thinking that by identifying where your disappointing areas are, you are more likely to do something about it. And over time your whole wardrobe can feel more well put together, up-to-date and exciting.

So, while Harriet is focussing on upgrading her knitwear this season, I wonder which of your drawers (or areas of your wardrobe) need some attention?

When you identify this, it means you can be focussed when you are shopping and try to avoid buying more of what you already have and don’t really need. I used to buy way too many pairs of black trousers back in the day and in all honesty, I didn’t have time to wear them all!



It could be your outerwear – I’m forever banging on about the importance of a good coat. Covering a carefully considered outfit with a scruffy old anorak is not stylish. A goes-over-everything gorgeous coat is a staple of a winter wardrobe. If you realise that you need to upgrade your outerwear this season, have a read of this blog from earlier this year where I outlined the kind of coats I recommend for a good capsule coat collection.



I often find that what’s missing from someone’s wardrobe is actually the basic pieces that allow them to wear the more exciting ones. I wrote a blog (many years ago) about the importance of having the basics covered. They often get overlooked because they might not feel exciting to spend your money on. You can read it here.

At this time of year, your basics might be:

  • Thermal layers (I recommend the Heattech range from Uniqlo which come in all manner of styles and colours)
  • Long sleeved simple tops in flattering colours and neutrals
  • Vest tops or camisoles for layering
  • Coloured scarves



Do you have the right footwear for your outfits? You might wonder what that even is. I suggest for most people, you’ll do well to have the following options:

  • Trainers (leather rather than ‘sporty’)
  • Ankle boots
  • Calf or knee length boots
  • Every day comfy shoes (your personal style determines whether these are loafers, brogues, ballet flats or something else)

Your lifestyle, comfort levels and taste will dictate whether these are flat or heels. This is a good time of year to check in on the state of your footwear to identify if anything would benefit from being re-heeled or re-soled.



Now that we are spending more time out and about and meeting people in real life, you might feel that your work wardrobe needs some updating. Whether it’s a couple of new blazers or some pretty blouses, take a look at what you have that still works and see where you could inject some more style.


nightwear/loungewear/gym wear

Once my clients are happy with their ‘leaving the house’ wardrobe, they often turn their attention to what they sleep, relax and work out in. My ‘disappointing’ category this winter is my gym wear. Although nobody else sees me working out (now that we’ve set up some equipment in our garage), I’d still like to have some upgraded pieces. My current tops and leggings have been so well worn and washed, they are starting to look a bit shabby.


Have a think about which area you’d like to focus on this season and let me know by leaving a comment. And remember, it doesn’t all need to be done at once, but by identifying what would most benefit from your attention, you are more likely to achieve it and it might even prevent you from buying yet another pair of black trousers (or whatever your repeat buying pattern is!).

I’d love to hear from you.

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