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How do you feel about putting together a capsule wardrobe? The reality is that your capsule wardrobe will be totally different to the next person’s and that’s why it can feel so hard. I see so many videos and articles about what everyone should own and I’m afraid it’s really not as simple as that.

In this blog, I’m going to direct you towards planning out your own capsule wardrobe, one that you can rely on to get dressed from for whatever your diary throws at you. And of course, not forgetting, one that contains outfits that excite you and that you enjoy wearing over and over again.

I’ve decided to focus on Spring / Summer because your Autumn / Winter wardrobe will be quite different.

The two most important things that will determine what you might need in your capsule wardrobe are:

1. Your lifestyle – there’s no point having a wardrobe full of smart pieces if the majority of your life is casual. And vice versa.

2. Your style – if you are still pondering on that, this will be more difficult. (Scroll to the end to see how I can help*). Try to only include items in your capsule wardrobe that you love and that work well together, so that you can create many outfits from a few pieces.

The size

There is no one-size-fits-all for a capsule wardrobe. What works for you will depend on your personality, your budget and your lifestyle. Personally I like choice so have quite a sizeable collection but where a true capsule wardrobe comes into play is when I’m packing for a trip away and need to be able to mix and match as few items as possible.

The basics

I always start by thinking about having the right outerwear and footwear.

Do you have something for:

  • Rainy days
  • Chilly days
  • Warmer days that start off chilly!
  • Casual occasions
  • Smart occasions

Firstly, let’s apply this to coats…



Almost everyone needs a lightweight raincoat. These days that doesn’t need to mean something practical and uninspiring from an outdoor brand. We are spoilt for choice on stylish raincoats from shorter to mid to longer lengths. If you have just one raincoat, I’d choose one of your best neutral colours. That way it’ll work over every outfit. If you like choice and enjoy making a statement with your clothes, consider a bold colour or print as a secondary option.

My ‘capsule’ collection now contains 4 fabulous raincoats – some have been with me for many, many years but it means I have a short sporty style for over my gym wear and for casual outfits, a longer animal print one to make me smile on my wet dog walks and 2 x smarter ¾ length options for over smarter outfits. One is in a dark neutral and one light so I can choose according to my footwear, bag and outfit.

Nobody NEEDS 4 raincoats but if like me you enjoy choice and having exactly the right coat for the right occasion and outfit, think about where your gaps might be.

a lightweight summer jacket

What do you wear on a warmer day that starts off chilly? This is where a lightweight summer jacket comes into play. Something you can wear in the morning (perhaps with a scarf if needed) and then you can remove it and carry it around easily if the temperature rises.

Depending on your style you might choose a denim, leather, bomber, shacket, linen, or cotton style. Again think about what length would work best over the majority of your outfits (or have 2 options) and if you enjoy wearing patterned or coloured outfits, a neutral colour might feel more versatile.

a smarter coat

I love a mac or a trench as my most useful, go-to smart option. A longer trench will work over dresses, skirts, trousers and jeans. I find this to be my most useful option for smarter days.

On a warmer day when a trench feels too much, I’d choose a blazer. If you don’t feel good in a blazer then consider a textured jacket – something a bit more relaxed in shape might suit you better. Everyone’s version of smart is a bit different and that’s ok!

now, let’s think about footwear…

Light boots

I enjoy wearing ankle boots well into spring and even on a cool or rainy summer’s day. But rather than black, I go for a lighter colour. For my colouring, the most versatile colours are off white/cream and tan. For you it might be grey, navy or a colour.


Most women enjoy having a pair of trainers (or two) that are good for casual or smart/casual days where you have to be on your feet a lot. They seem to be acceptable in most places nowadays, except very corporate or super-smart environments. A leather trainer is the smartest option and canvas, nubuck and fabric work well for a more casual look. If you enjoy personalising your outfits, consider changing the laces in your trainers. You can buy almost anything these days from bright colours to animal print.

Closed toe shoe

If you aren’t a trainer wearer or need a flat shoe option for your lifestyle, you might need a flat shoe with a closed toe for wetter days. Loafers have been having a moment for several years now, ballet flats are everywhere (but only work if you have some ‘girly’ in your style mix). A stronger classic/natural look is a brogue and again these come in all manner of colours from neutrals to bold, bright and patterned.


Make sure you have your sandals ready for when summer finally arrives. We do get some super-hot days when you need airflow. The kind of sandals that’ll be most useful for you will again depend on your lifestyle and personal style.

I’d suggest a flat pair and one with some kind of heel, even if small. (And not necessarily a kitten heel – these only work well for small scale, girly styles). You might decide you need a casual sandal and a smarter one even if you don’t like to wear heels.

Flip flops or slides

These most definitely fall into the casual category but you may well find these to be an essential part of your summer capsule wardrobe, even if just for your holidays.

To summarise…

Your spring/summer capsule wardrobe might want to contain:


  • A raincoat
  • A light summer jacket
  • A smarter coat or jacket


  • A light boot
  • A trainer
  • A flat closed toe shoe
  • A sandal
  • A flip flop/slide

Check in with what you have and where your gaps might be. Remember that it’s your lifestyle and your personal style that will dictate which of these are most important for you to own and the style of each.

In part two, I’ll move on to outfits. And by then you’ll hopefully have your outerwear and footwear sorted and you’ll find it so much easier to finish off your outfits.


*I am now fully booked for private work until May. If you’d like to consider working together to get clear on your true style, book in for a complimentary call to see how I can help you.



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