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Have you ever wondered why you never seem to have the right outfits to wear over summer? I’ll bet it’s because you’ve got certain pieces missing from your clothing collection.

When you shop, do you just bring home random one-off pieces without any thought as to when, where and how you might wear them?

If so, you need this blog. (And if you missed part 1 – catch up here first!)

In the last blog, I focussed on footwear and outerwear, so today we can get into the nitty-gritty of the rest. Please remember that your capsule wardrobe will be different to everyone else’s because you will suit different clothes, have a different lifestyle, different taste and a different personality. Use these blogs as a guide to help you to get the best result for you.



Your lifestyle will dictate the amount of casual and smart trousers options you’ll need.



Jeans play a part in many a women’s wardrobe and you may decide you need one pair or you may realise that being such a wardrobe staple for you, you need many more than that. I have several options, from light ecru to dark indigo denim and black as well as different lengths and cuts for different outfit options. Jeans are probably my most worn item which is why I like to have a choice. Think about what feels good to you. (If finding jeans that fit you well is a problem, do check out – the founder, Sam will find you some!).


other casual Trousers:

Moving into summer, you might like a linen trouser – you’ll need to have a good amount of the ‘natural’ style in your clothing mix to be able to cope with the inevitable creasing (Classics, step away from linen!). I like the linen at M&S which is always good value and quality.

Cargo-style trousers are still around and are a great alternative to denim but again you’ll need to suit the ‘natural’ style. This style is usually most flattering for top-heavy figure types with slimmer legs because the pockets will add bulk.

You might decide you prefer cotton chinos or other more tailored styles for your lifestyle. Think about how often you wear trousers and what level of smartness your lifestyle and taste require to come up with a number that feels good to you.

And finally, it’s almost time for shorts to make a come-back so again, think about how often you will wear shorts and therefore how much choice you need.



I find that women with pear-shaped and hourglass figure types often do skirts really well. Especially longer length ones which elongate the body. They might prefer to wear skirts on a daily basis than trousers or jeans.

People with straighter figure types and no waist definition often struggle to find skirts that feel good. If that’s you – feel free to give up on skirts. Don’t feel you ‘ought to’ own one.

Again, your lifestyle and need for choice will determine how many skirts feels right for you but think about different styles from denim to pleated to pencil and A-line. You are unlikely to suit all of these styles and shapes so work out which feels best. Length is important to consider too. You want the hemline of your skirt to sit on a narrower part of your leg for the most flattering length.



Again, don’t feel you ought to own a dress. If you feel your best in trousers and don’t have many occasions where you need to dress up – please don’t rush out and buy a fancy dress when you think you need one. An elevated outfit is perfectly possible using tailored trousers if that’s more your style.

For many, a day dress or two can be an incredibly useful option throughout summer. Choose your fabric carefully. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester will trap in the heat and can be incredibly uncomfortable. 

Please see ‘skirts’ for length and shape ideas. A ‘blank canvas’ dress is an incredibly useful wardrobe staple. The idea being that a simply cut neutral-coloured dress that can be dressed up and down is a real work-horse.

You can create a casual look with sandals/trainers and a cardi or denim jacket and then dress it up with smarter shoes, jewellery and perhaps a blazer.



We usually need more tops than anything else as these need to be laundered more frequently. In most capsule wardrobes, I’d suggest:

  • Vest tops or camisoles for layering (in neutrals and colours)
  • T-shirts (short and long sleeves – depending on your shape)
  • Shirts – these are more versatile than you might think. Wear them buttoned up, half buttoned or open as a layering piece.
  • Blouses – this is usually a softer piece than a shirt and could be more feminine in style.
  • Thin knits – lightweight jumpers or sweatshirts are a good idea for summer. You will need some layering pieces that feel good and go with the rest of your outfits. I like cotton jumpers for summer.


I’ve seen more jacket options so far this spring than ever before. If this is a category that’s missing from your wardrobe, I suggest you start looking at what’s out there. Whether you suit cropped lengths to show off your waist or longer-length ‘boyfriend’ styles, there’s something for everyone this season. Waistcoats are another great alternative to a jacket for an additional layer – as are knitted tanks. Think about the colours you tend to wear most and what would be most versatile for you.

If you haven’t had it already feel free to download my Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist to use as you work through your own clothing collection and work out what’s missing.


Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve realised is missing from your clothing collection!




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