Are you ready to embrace the changing season? As I write this, I’ve just heard that we are expecting another mini heatwave this weekend. Yesterday was positively miserable, wet and cold. 

Basically, for the next couple of months, your wardrobe needs to be able to cater for ALL seasons. Better make sure you are ready!

Many of you have requested an Autumn style blog. I haven’t used the word ‘fashion’ because that’s SO not what me and my business are about. Obviously, I’ve had a look at what’s considered ‘in fashion’ this season but what I’m sharing here are what I consider to be the wearable trends for the season. Some will appeal to you and some won’t. Some will suit you and some won’t. If you’ve worked with me on your style, you’ll know which trends are worth investing in and those will be the ones that will serve you well for years, whether or not they are ‘in fashion’.

Remember, before you invest in any new pieces you ought to know how, where and when you will wear them.

Colours for Autumn/Winter 2019

Red is always a favourite for autumn and winter and will be widely available in the shops once again. Bright red is the ‘trend’ shade and will work well on ‘bright/clear springs’ and ‘winters’. Think about wearing red with shades of brown or camel for an up-to-date look.

Brown is firmly back! It hasn’t been easy to find chocolate brown over the past few years which for most women is a much more flattering dark colour than black. Stock up while you can!

Fuchsia is another colour we’ll be seeing a lot of. Great for ‘winters’ and some ‘summers’. Use it in a lipstick or wear it from head to toe!

Hush Voila Applique Sweat Top £55

The surprise colour of the season is a pale yellow, a colour more commonly associated with warmer weather. & Other Stories have some nice-looking knitwear in this shade as well as a blouse and a dress which are multicoloured and on reflection I think using pale yellow in a print might be the easiest way for most.

Autumn style: & Other Stories V-Cut Floral Satin Blouse £55

& Other Stories V-Cut Floral Satin Blouse £55

Fabrics to look out for


The heritage trend is still hanging around so if you suit a classic/ natural style dig out your checks, tweed and dogtooth.

I’m very tempted by these Jigsaw trousers…

Autumn style: Jigsaw Prince of Wales Check Trousers, Grey £140.00

Jigsaw Prince of Wales Check Trousers, Grey £140.00

Animal Print

Zebra, tiger and cow print have joined leopard and snake as prints for the season.

Whistles have done zebra in green which I love. This comes as a blouse too.

Autumn style: Whistles Carys Tiger Print Shirt Dress £169.00

Whistles Carys Tiger Print Shirt Dress £169.00

Winter Florals

It’s the same every year but dark coloured florals are everywhere. If you like a bit of girliness you’ll still be able to find your pretty prints albeit in darker tones.

Footwear for comfort and style



Trainers are still very much the footwear of choice and I’m sure many of us are very happy about that. 


Long boots

Knee high is the new boot length. This height can be easier to wear with skirts and dresses that are ankle or  calf length. If you struggle to find boots to fit your calf, check out Duo Boots who offer made to measure footwear.

Burgundy Leather Zip Knee High Boot £139.00

Square toes

If you’ve worked with me on your style and know that your bone structure is straight, I’ll have advised you to choose square toed footwear. For years this has been difficult but now they are BACK! This is your time to stock up!

Arket Square-Toe Leather Boots £175

Arket Square-Toe Leather Boots £175


I adore coats. This is the first and sometimes only part of your outfit that people see during winter so make sure you have a good one. 

Here is my buying guide from last winter which covers the categories of coat that I think everyone would benefit from owning.

This year, however, it’s all about the long coat. This is great for dramatics and for anyone that feels the cold. If you are shorter you can still try a long coat, just avoid volume.


Accessories to wow

The statement earring is still the accessory of choice so have fun with it! Most people won’t need a necklace when wearing a big earring. Allow the earring to take centre stage.

H&M Long Earrings £3.99

H&M Long Earrings £3.99

That’s my summary of the wearable trends for the coming season. I’m sure, like me you may have some of these pieces already but if you are going to invest in new pieces, do so wisely and wear them to death!

Leave me a comment – what are you going to try?

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