My Lockdown Story

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The second BIG change in my business due to lockdown, was a change to my existing self-learn online program, The Style Plan. I decided to run it for the first time as a supported program in June/July. I was falling in love with supporting women online and wanted to do more!

The Style Plan is designed to guide you through your own style analysis, to get crystal clear on the colours, shapes, styles, fabrics and accessories that suit you best from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. I’ve included modules on wardrobe organisation, as well as how to shop using your rules and only buy what you actually need.

In early June, I promoted this new idea in a webinar and to my delight (and astonishment) I very quickly hit my target of ten women joining me for The Style Plan Plus.

I guided them through The Style Plan Plus over the next four weeks. They watched the modules in their own time and then brought their questions and thoughts to our weekly Zoom call for my input, ideas and support. Something I hadn’t anticipated was how much they enjoy listening and learning from each other. I set up a pop-up private Facebook group for their questions, shares, links to things they might buy and photos of themselves wearing different pieces.

Again, the feedback from these women highlighted how much they got from the program. They told me about increased confidence, to feeling focussed when looking for new pieces and being more mindful about buying from sustainable brands as well as re-using and re-purposing existing pieces.

I’ll be running this course again later this month, so you can experience this for yourself if it sounds exciting to you! Keep an eye out for details of how to join.


Remote Transformation Sessions

The final (for now!) step in re-designing my business was to take my private work online. The surprise here was my discovery that my assumption of working on camera being a hindrance was wrong. Instead there were many, many benefits!

Jane took her Remote Transformation Session in July and she sums up those benefits very well here.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Helen via Zoom. I have been using Zoom for meetings during ‘lockdown’ and had worried that a 3 hour or so session would be tiring.  Instead, the time flew past and I was felt enthused and energised as the end – not at all worn out. We had a short coffee break one hour in, and a couple of breaks in the Zooming when I found items of clothing or jewellery to show Helen to get her comments. Throughout our communication felt very natural and the screen was not an obstacle at all.

A friend who lives in West Sussex recommended Helen but as I live 180 miles away a visit to her home wouldn’t have been practical. So Zoom made our time together possible, and I am so pleased with the session, and the outcome too.”


My Lockdown Story


How My Business Looks Now

So, although lockdown could have meant curtains for my business, it didn’t. By having the right business support and a solid sounding board, I took brave steps and they paid off.

And for now my business looks very different to how it used to look. And I rather like it!

I’m intending to continue with my online work, even when I do get back to in-person work again. There are so many advantages to working with clients online that I have never thought about be

I’m starting to invite clients back to my studio this month with all the safety measures in place but the online work is here to stay. And my glorious Style Club will be around for as long as I’m in business. It’s simply the best thing I could’ve ever created! If you’ve worked with me in the past and would like to know more about The Style Club, drop me an email and find out when I’ll next be issuing invites.


The Lessons I’ve Learned Along The Way

  • Being brave and stepping out of my comfort zone is a GOOD thing.
  • I can’t do it ALL myself!
  • Having the right support in business is essential in order to grow.
  • Working online can be very effective, rewarding and FUN!

At the time of writing this (the end of August), I’m currently enjoying a MUCH slower pace of life after a HUGE amount of up-levelling in the first few months of lockdown. Writing it all down in these blog posts has brought home to me how much I did and why I was so badly in need of a break! Taking some time out over the summer holidays has given me the space and energy I needed to be creative and ready to be firing on all cylinders again. I have a LOT of exciting new content coming your way!

So, that’s what Covid-19 has done for my business. I’d love to know your story. I know many of you will have had similar journeys and also that sadly some of you won’t have had a happy outcome. I’m a firm believer that as one door closes, another opens. In fact this was my story back in 2009 when I found myself suddenly without work and decided to train in Image Consultancy. And I’m now so thankful for that!

Please tell me your story in the comments. I think we can all learn a lot from each other.


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