Recently I’ve been talking a lot about ‘shoulding’. That is, wearing clothes that you think you ought to, regardless of how they make you feel.

The weather, the occasion, a life change, a change in your body and even reaching a certain age can all affect how you feel you ‘ought’ to dress.

The only thing I care about when it comes to helping a woman with her style is that they feel great in what they are wearing. There is absolutely no ‘shoulding’.

Before I trained in ‘all things style’ back in 2009, I used to feel like I should wear a pretty dress in the summertime. I thought that’s what you did. And I wanted to. I would admire my beautiful friend, swanning around looking feminine in her summer dresses.

But do you know what happened every time I tried on a pretty dress? Far from making me look (and feel) pretty, it made me feel terrible.

And every time this happened I would look in the mirror and think ‘I’m not pretty enough/slim enough/feminine enough’ to wear such a beautiful dress.

What I didn’t realise, is that we all suit different styles. The way you are, determines the best styles for you. And there is NOTHING wrong with not suiting any one style. In fact, understanding this is a MASSIVE relief. Letting go of the need to be in pretty clothes was SO liberating for me.

Other things I’ve given up because of my style knowledge are:

-Wearing belts around my middle

-A line skirts

-Fitted jackets

None of these pieces flatter my figure or make me look my best and that’s ok. There are plenty of other pieces to wear that make me feel REALLY good. Like the best version of myself.

And I want you to understand this too. Warmer weather does not mean you have to totally change your style. Think about what you love to wear, what makes you comfortable and that gives you confidence and wear it with pride.

I’d love to know, what are you going to let go of this summer?

If you want to know exactly which styles are right for you and which you can let go of, get yourself one of the last few tickets to my LIVE event, happening in just two weeks! Click here for the full details.

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