I might be a little premature with this one, but before too long we will start to see the beginnings of spring. And in my book, the changing season means it’s time to take stock of your clothes.  I believe that this is a vital part of successful wardrobe management.

Now, this isn’t a BIG sort-out, so don’t worry. It shouldn’t take any real time or energy. It’s more of a reflection and an observation step.

I manage my own wardrobe using a process that I have developed and refined over the years. In fact I find that following this process season after season, year after year, is essential to keep things under control. Left to my own devices, my shopping would be excessive. And we all know that’s not big or clever.

Following my process is an easy way to ensure that what I buy for the season is needed, well used and of course well-loved.

AND I love a process! It makes me feel super organised.

As we head towards the end of winter, I start to think about outfits for the coming season. But before I do my wardrobe switch around (which does take time and energy), I look back at the clothes and outfits I’ve been wearing for the past few months.

N.B. This is a thought process not a physical one. No energy required remember!

These are the two questions I ask myself. Feel free to borrow them:

  1. Is there anything I’ve loved wearing that is starting to look a bit old and tatty? Does it need replacing for next winter?
  2. Is there anything I wish I’d owned when putting together my outfits? Maybe something that would’ve improved the outfit or made it easier to wear?

For example, last year I realised that my black ankle boots were starting to look scruffy. I’d been wearing them as a component of my smarter outfits and they were, quite frankly, starting to let the side down. Also I realised I’d built up quite a collection of neutral coloured knitwear and was missing some colour.

The next step is to make a note of these items. If you have a bullet journal or are already a list maker, jot then down. I keep my notes on my phone these days for easy access when I’m out and about. This way, when the colder weather returns, you will remember what you need. I have ZERO chance of remembering anything these days if it’s not written down!

So, this year I’ve identified two things that I’d like to add in to my wardrobe for next winter.

  1. A long wool coat in grey or black.
  2. A couple of stylish warm tops for cold nights out (my silk shirts have looked great but I’ve been rather chilly!).

Fast forward 6 months, when the autumn/winter stock starts landing in the shops again, you’ll know exactly what you are looking for.

For now, my attention is starting to move towards spring/summer dressing, I’ve checked my notes to see what I wrote down last year. Unfortunately, all I seem to be missing is a good quality white t-shirt and possibly some new swimwear. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. But at least it should be nice and easy!

If I manage to only buy two things in a whole season, I will eat my hat…(and then add a new hat to my shopping list for next winter) BUT, I am making a conscious effort not to go overboard. And I hope to inspire you to do the same.


What do you think? Are you going to give it a whirl? Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve decided you need.

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