5 steps to a beautifully dressed derriere


Do you ever worry about the the size of your ‘behind’? Do you scrutinise it before leaving the house or do you avoid checking in the mirror for fear of what you might face?

Kim Kardashian probably has the most famous, rounded bottom of our time and the internet is full of advice on how to “build up your butt”.

Some women are even resorting to surgery to create the perfect “behind”.

According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, the type of fat found in women’s butts, hips, and thighs, might protect against health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. That has to be something to celebrate, right?

If you aren’t ready to celebrate the size of your bottom and would like it to shrink in seconds, help is on hand.

Below are my 5 easy steps for getting one’s posterior to look decidedly smaller to the human eye.

Step 1. Beware of light colours

Think very carefully about the colour you wear on your bottom as this can be the difference between drawing attention cleverly away or screaming look, look here, this is my lovely big bum!

We all know that by painting a room in a light colour, it will appear more spacious. Dark walls in a room make it appear smaller. It’s just the same for your clothes.

If you wear a light coloured skirt, trousers or long top (that covers your bottom) you are doing just that. Making it look more spacious – especially if you are wearing a darker colour on your top half.

Your best combination of colour is a light top that sits on your hip bone (no longer) and a darker colour on your lower half.

Step 2. Avoid pockets on your bum

Any kind of detail or embellishment worn anywhere on your body draws attention. Pockets with flaps also add volume.

For trousers, your best bet is to choose those without pockets at all. When it comes to jeans, opt for a pair with very large, plain pockets. A small pocket will certainly make your bum look bigger!

Step 3. Hemlines can make or break your body confidence!

The eye is drawn to hemlines. I liken it to drawing a line around your body with a highlighter pen. Make sure that the point at which your hemline falls is not at the widest point of your bottom. It is a myth that by wearing long, baggy tops and cardigans you are hiding your bottom. In reality you are adding extra volume.

Step 4. Patterns draw attention

The eye is drawn to print. If you wear a plain dark top and a light coloured patterned skirt, all eyes will be drawn to your lower half. It is much more flattering to reverse this and wear the pattern on your top half to draw the eye away from your bottom.

Step 5. The cut or shape of your clothes is incredibly important

If you have a small waist and a large bottom an A line skirt is a great option for you. This cut will draw attention to your lovely waist and skim over your hips, thighs and bottom.

If you feel big all over choose a longer skirt that skims over the same area without drawing attention to your middle section.

Beware of the current trend for midi length skirts. Choose a hemline that sits slightly lower than the widest part of your calves.

Avoid a pencil skirt.

Boot cut trousers are great for balancing out big bottoms as are wider leg styles.

Wear straight legged trousers with caution and know that skinny jeans or jeggings will hug your bum and show it off in all its glory!

For more clever style hacks, check out my FREE video series – 5 Easy Style Tips To Look Your Most Fabulous Self.

I’d love to hear how you get on with these tips. Please comment below.

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