Simple Wardrobe Organisation Tips

.,. I’m often asked what’s the best way to organise your clothes and let me tell you, there are fewer things more satisfying than looking inside your wardrobe and seeing a neatly organised array of clothes that you love! In this blog I’m sharing some really simple...

Permission to repeat wear your outfits!

Who made the ‘rule’ that to be seen wearing the same thing more than once was a sin? Whoever it was needs a good talking to! Did you read about TV presenter Nadia Sawalha of ITV’s Loose Women getting a load of flack for repeat wearing a snakeskin blouse a couple of...

What do you need in your wardrobe?

I might be a little premature with this one, but before too long we will start to see the beginnings of spring. And in my book, the changing season means it’s time to take stock of your clothes. I believe that this is a vital part of successful wardrobe management.

Now, this isn’t a BIG sort-out, so don’t worry. It shouldn’t take any real time or energy. It’s more of a reflection and an observation step.

Shop your own wardrobe and enjoy a lie in!

These dark mornings certainly don’t make it any easier to jump out of bed with a spring in your step and crack on with your day.
Luckily, I have a few tips that will save valuable time each morning, allowing you an extra 10 mins of dozing in your cozy bed. (Or even longer depending on how long it takes you ages to get dressed…)

Do you have an unbalanced wardrobe?

Do you have an unbalanced wardrobe? I borrowed this term from a comment made by a lovely lady in my community because I think it perfectly describes what is going on in many wardrobes up and down the country. I believe it’s the cause of many ‘I have nothing to wear’...

The Cheats Way to An Organised Wardrobe, in 3 Easy Steps

You are in and out of your wardrobe many, many times a day/week. When your wardrobe is clutter free and you have a system for how things are ordered (light colours to dark/ smart wear to casual wear…or whatever works best for you), choosing what to wear each day becomes quicker and easier and somewhat more pleasurable.

Ever found yourself stuck in a rut?

Whether it’s food shopping, daily routine, the way you exercise or the clothes you wear…it’s very easy and totally normal to find yourself stuck in a rut. For me, it's meals. I don’t love cooking, but I do it because we need to eat. In my family, we have one healthy...

The quickest way to create outfits you love!

The idea for this blog post came from my current trainee, Sarah-Jane. (She’s going to be an awesome image consultant, but that’s another story for another time!)

If you’ve ever put together a great outfit and then forgotten what it was, or, if you always wear the same tops with the same bottoms and feel it’s time to be more experimental, this is for you!

How Much Fluff Do You Have In Your Wardrobe?

Today I’m writing about a genius theory I discovered in a magazine last month. According to designer Michael Kors, we should all be following the 70/30 "meat and potatoes" rule. He is not referring to what’s on your plate, rather what’s in your wardrobe. Now, bear...

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