vip style



Price: £3000 (travel costs may apply)


Time needed: 4 days


Location: London

This is what you need if you are ready for a complete style overhaul.

We will work together intensively over four days (not consecutive days) to identify your unique style rules, identify your ideal capsule wardrobe, de-clutter your wardrobe, shop for new clothes and accessories and create as many fabulous outfits as possible. Once you’ve done this you’ll find that dressing each day becomes incredibly quick and easy (and fun!) and you always feel amazing in what you wear. Friends will start to notice how fab you look, you might get a new job, or a new man. The world will open up to you, basically. You can stop stressing about what to wear, and spend your time worrying about more important stuff, like world peace etc.

This high-level service achieves life-changing results.

Includes: Transformation Day, Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping Day, Mix and Match session.

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