As we move into Autumn, it can be more difficult to know what to wear. Mornings can be quite chilly, afternoons fairly warm and of course, there is always the threat of rain, so you need suitable outwear and footwear.

Once it turns cold ‘properly’, things actually get easier (bring on the knitwear, boots and cosy coats!), but for now here are my ideas for transitional dressing.


the Footwear

There are likely to be fewer days when you feel able to get your toes out in sandals, so a closed-toe shoe, ankle boot or trainer are all good options to have ready.

Trainers seem to work in more situations than not these days, but if they aren’t your thing, I love an ankle boot in a lighter colour. This could be brown, tan, grey or even off white. A black boot might feel a bit deep and heavy for early autumn.

Your best closed-toe shoe will depend very much on your clothing style, but consider a loafer, (they’ve gone chunky this season but nothing beats a classic shape), a lace-up brogue (again probably not black yet), a leather ballet flat, a flatform slip on, or a court shoe. Any of these will keep your toes dry and warm if you are caught in a rain shower.


the outerwear

A lightweight coat might just be the best thing you ever invest in. I recommend that my clients have a smarter version for work and evenings out and a more casual version, for general running around.

There are a lot of very stylish, lightweight raincoats around these days. Check out Protected Species, Rains, Didriksons, Barbour and Lands End.

Over the years, I’ve built up quite the collection of lighter coats and jackets and like to have a shorter style for dresses and wide leg trousers and a ¾ or longer length for over straight leg trousers, skinny jeans and leggings.


the Accessories

I love to switch my handbags over for winter, from tan to chocolate brown or black but I don’t feel it’s time yet. Even if my outfits start to take on darker tones, I keep my tan handbag going until it’s really cold. Tan or ‘biscuit’ with navy or black is a stunning colour combination and just keeps that lighter feeling going for a bit longer.


And finally, how is your umbrella looking? It’s certainly an essential item here in the UK and another way to inject some style into your outfit. Don’t be swayed by a pretty brolly without substance though…one strong gust and it’ll all be over. It’s worth paying a bit more for a substantial umbrella that’ll withstand a battering.

I found this old article from Good Housekeeping magazine with some fab umbrella buying tips. Do have a read if you know you need a new one.


Leave me a comment below and share your reflections! It’ll help others too.


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