Price: £795


Time needed: 4 hours


Location: West Sussex

If you’ve lost your way with clothes, this is for you. If you find shopping difficult and you never feel as though you have the right thing to wear, this is definitely for you.

Whether your body shape has changed over the years, or your lifestyle is changing and you haven’t a clue how to dress for it – my promise is to get you excited about your style. And, by giving you a personally tailored set of style dos and don’ts I will show you how to quickly and easily recognise the clothes and outfits that will make you look and feel really great, every day.

Once you know why certain colours, shapes and styles are right for you, shopping and putting together outfits becomes easy and fun. You will look good all the time – even when you are putting the bins out.

The day includes: colour analysis, clothing style prescription, body shape analysis, capsule wardrobe plan. I’ll treat you to lunch and provide snacks throughout the day.

Discover your true style then let’s go shopping. Click here to find out more.

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