January can be a tricky month. The Christmas decs are about to come down – if they haven’t been packed away already…

The shorter days and colder weather probably mean that you spend more time at home, curled up and being still and quiet.

Snuggling up in comfy, casual clothes for a lazy weekend or an evening in-front of Netflix is a beautifully nurturing activity at this time of year.

Relaxing at home is a great opportunity to practice self-care. There is a ton of proof that taking time out for yourself, especially after a busy time like Christmas, has many health benefits, lowering stress levels, supporting your immune system and even making you more productive after taking some time out. Why not take self-care to another level and upgrade your comfies?

Your old, stained jogging bottoms and bobbly, holey jumper might be comfy and warm but do they make you feel lovely?

I’m urging you to start upgrading your loungewear into something more luxurious and special. It doesn’t need to cost the earth but a cosy pair of socks, new leggings or joggers in a super-soft fabric and an oversized sweatshirt could take your self-care downtime to another level. If you are feeling spendy, a cashmere hoody and joggers is the ultimate luxurious lounging outfit. Marks & Spencer have some very reasonably priced ones right now…

And how about you actually light that beautiful scented candle that you got for Christmas instead of saving it for a special occasion that never arrives?

You could even open the fancy hand cream and give yourself a hand massage too!

Light the fire, put on your upgraded loungewear and do some self care.

You deserve a rest!

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