How to Mix and Match what you already own

Coats are my most favourite thing. I love them so much that I’ve built up quite a collection over the last 13 years (since I learnt about my style). Broadly speaking, I see three useful coat categories, the first of which is the most versatile that could potentially cover you for all occasions. This is always the first kind I recommend you look for.

A coat is not simply to keep you warm and dry. It’s a huge part of your outfit. It’s the first thing people see and sometimes the only thing they see, if you are outside. It’s not enough to spend time putting together a lovely outfit. What goes on top can either add an extra layer of gorgeousness or totally ruin the look.

So let’s explore some options.

Depending on your lifestyle, you might not need all three of these categories. But if you realise that you have a gap in your own coat collection, now is a good time to hunt down your perfect one at a juicy discount. Then you’ll be all set for next winter and many, many more winters to come.



I believe that this is the most versatile of all. A good wool coat will keep you warm and work from your casual right through to your smartest days. It’s best to start with a neutral colour. That way it’ll work over all your outfits. Black might be the obvious choice but it’s not the most flattering colour for many women. If you already have a black coat, check whether you look better with a scarf over the top to look brighter.

A belted wrap coat is a nice option for women with a waist and hips. Check whether tying a belt around your waist is flattering or makes you look like a sack of spuds. It doesn’t work for all body shapes (and that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your beautiful body). If you notice a belt doesn’t work, just choose a straighter cut coat or leave the belt undone (or remove it along with the belt loops).

The right length for you depends on your shape and height, but I usually find a longer length coat (at least ¾ length) to be the most versatile over all outfits.


A warm, casual coat

If your lifestyle involves a lot of day-to-day casual time, you might need a coat to cover this category, as well as a wool coat. A puffa is a good option but if that doesn’t appeal, think about a parka.

Bottom heavy figures (Pear shape) tend to look great in a shorter puffa which helps to rebalance their lower half by adding a layer of padding up top. If you are top heavy and fancy trying a puffa, I’d go longer length to spread out the bulkiness over more of your body.


A Super-glam coat

Going to a party and realise your old anorak ruins the look? You need a super-glam coat (or just the wool option – see how versatile it is?!).

My choice is a faux fur coat and I now have a shorter and a longer version which means I’ve got all outfits covered. An alternative, if faux fur isn’t your jam, might be a teddy coat in a fabulous colour, a Jacquard texture, something else with colour, texture and/or print. Or even a leather or suede coat. Have a look and see what appeals to you most.



As we approach the end of winter and the end of the sale period, identify whether you have a coat gap in your collection and have a browse. See what kind of bargains you can bag. Check out the reseller sites too which is a great way to buy better quality for less as well as being kinder to our planet.


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