Things you can buy and wear NOW to fit the ever-changing British weather.

It’s not easy dressing for 4 seasons in one day but this will help!

God knows we should be used to it by now. When choosing what to wear, especially in springtime, special consideration needs to be given to your outfit’s suitability to a variety of weather conditions.

So why do we find it so tricky?

Dressing at this time of year is VERY tricky. Fact. Even for clothes obsessed people like me.

If you are out for the whole day you need to be very well equipped for whatever the weather may bring. Here are some simple ideas for you to try that will keep you stylish, comfortable and happy (I hope).


This is the most important part (in my opinion). I really struggle with shoes (very awkward feet) and my extremities are forever cold – except on a very warm day. This means that my first consideration for an ‘out-all-day’ day is footwear. I check the weather, choose my footwear and then build my outfit around it.
For me it’s WAY too early for sandals, but if you do have super charged circulation and don’t mind risking getting a bit wet at some point, then go for it. But for me its full cover and comfort all the way.

My two go-to choices at this time of year would be:

  1. An ankle boot. My particular fave right now is a Chelsea boot. Warm but not hot. Comfortable enough to be on my feet all day and they look pretty good too. Or, you could try a pointed ankle boot which works brilliantly under a wide leg trouser.
  2. A ‘strappy’ trainer /plimsoll /high top. If my day is a casual one, this is a good option. Uber comfy and practical.
  3. A brogue or a loafer. Classic, comfortable, practical and stylish.
Kurt Keiger. Magnum.

Kurt Keiger. Magnum.

Lower half

I’m a trouser girl through and through (although I dabble with dresses from time to time), so next up is choosing the right pair for the job. It’s too cold for bare legs in my opinion, (even on a warmer spring day) which is another reason to choose a trouser – no need for tights.

For smarter days a pair of wide leg trousers or culottes is a great option and very ‘IN’ right now. The great news is that they are incredibly flattering if you find the right cut for your body shape. If you haven’t tried them yet, nip out and get trying. You won’t regret it. If you are on the shorter side, look for a pair that doesn’t have too much fabric, wear a small heel and keep your top the same tone as your trousers (similarly dark or light).

Alternatively a straight or skinny leg trouser will work well at this time of year, if that is still your trouser shape of choice.

Whistles. Cropped wide leg trousers.

Whistles. Cropped wide leg trousers.


I’ve been talking to my style club members about silhouettes recently. It’s SO important to get this right. If you’re wearing something loose and floaty on your lower half, keep your top half a bit fitted. If you’re wearing fitted trousers go looser on top.

N.B. If you are very tall and slim you don’t need to worry too much about this rule.


Cardigans, jackets, jumpers and ‘coatigans’ are your friend here. Wearing a warm layer that’s the same colour (or tone) as your trousers or skirt creates a lovely long line that has the effect of making you look taller and slimmer.

Scarves are SO useful at this time of year. You can fling one on and off as often as you please. Have you seen the beautiful Hermes App demonstrating different scarf tying techniques? There are many videos being shared on social media demonstrating different ways to tie a scarf but the Hermes one is by far the best.

Scarves are SO useful at this time of year.

Scarves are SO useful at this time of year.


Sunglasses are a must for sunny moments and a brolly is vital for the wet ones. If you haven’t got a lovely brolly, go and treat yourself. Oliver Bonas do some really gorgeous ones. I don’t mind a bit of a rain shower now because my brolly is so pretty!

Oliver Bonas. Elsie spot umbrella.

Oliver Bonas. Elsie spot umbrella.

I hope that helps! If you liked these tips please share my blog on social media using the buttons below. And don’t forget to leave me a comment, ask a question or share your fave tips for dressing in springtime.

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