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“You look like the girl next door”. A throw away bitchy comment that was delivered with hugs and laughter. I smiled and continued enjoying the party, sinking more and more glasses of wine as I let her mean words sink in.

The girl next door. Is that a bad thing? I loved my dress and the way I’d styled it with my new leather boots. But looking down I saw what she saw.


I glanced around the room to take in the other party outfits. Metallic electric blue trousers, low cut tops, dangerously high hemlines, fake tan, cleavage, lipstick and expensive perfume filled the room.

I don’t want to dress like that. But I don’t want to be the girl next door either. Who am I?

Since launching my image business in 2009, I’ve learned so much about what true style means. In fact, I’ve developed my own style rules – ones that work for everyone, regardless of their age, size, taste or lifestyle. I know I spent too many years experimenting and often feeling not good enough.

If only I’d known what I know now. We are all beautifully different and that’s ok.

My Style Rules:

  1. Stop buying clothes just because they fit. Be discerning about the clothes that make you feel gorgeous (because you are).
  2. Stop hating on your thighs and notice your small waist.
  3. Stop looking at the label and wear the clothes that fit you beautifully.
  4. Stop over-buying and invest in a few quality pieces.
  5. Stop fuelling fast fashion and educate yourself on the brands that are kind.
  6. Stop saving your good clothes for ‘best’ and start wearing them today.
  7. Stop the guesswork, educate yourself on what truly suits you and make shopping and getting dressed easy and fun.
  8. Stop dressing like everyone else. Find your own true style.
  9. Stop wearing the same three tops on repeat. Dig around your wardrobe and find your lost treasures.
  10. Stop thinking you ‘should’ wear particular things. Find your style and own it!


These are the only style rules that you need to consider. BE MORE YOU!

I’d love to hear what you think and if any of my style rules strike a chord with you. Drop a comment below – or get in touch via email at  

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