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What to do when your wardrobe is full to BURSTING

Before I learned how to identify the clothes that ‘love me back’ I spent A LOT of time trailing around the shops, struggling to shoehorn myself into clothes that simply weren’t designed for a body like mine. Or, I’d I go and buy something lovely only to find it didn’t go with anything else.

The effects of these relentless confidence knocks and expensive mistakes were long lasting! When I see an item of clothing that fits my rules I have to buy it. On occasion I manage to walk out of the shop without it, but from time to time, I simply can’t get some piece of clothing or other out of my mind until I’ve bought it.

Now, this isn’t really a serious problem, you see I have a lovely walk in wardrobe and I never get into debt over my spending, BUT, earlier this month when I started my grand switch around of summer to winter clothes I was STUNNED at just how much stuff I have accumulated over the years.

This is the very thing I help my clients with; decluttering their wardrobes and getting rid of the items that shouldn’t be there. My problem is that I love everything in my wardrobe! I love how I feel in each and every one of these pieces. I love wearing them in different ways.

What really shocked me was that this year, for the first time ever, I discovered clothing that I had forgotten I owned. I also identified pieces in my summer collection that suit me and I LOVE, but I haven’t had time to wear.  I feel bad, and a little bit sick.

This has got to stop.

I know I will always shop. It’s in my blood and it makes me happy, but I’m changing my policy.

From now on I’m all about quality over quantity. If I’ve already got something similar I WILL NOT hand over the cash. I simply do not need as many clothes as I thought. Instead of mentally taking my style rules to the shops and cruising about looking for everything and anything that fits them, I’m going to practise what I preach:

  • Take everything out of your wardrobe.
  • Put back only the things that fit your style rules (okay, so that’s most of it).
  • Donate the rest.
  • Identify which pieces are ‘orphans’ and can’t be worn with anything already in there.
  • Make a list of what’s missing to turn the orphans into outfits and only buy the items on that list.

By doing this I’ve identified that the only thing I REALLY need this year is a pair of chocolate brown boots. There I’ve said it. That’s all I’m looking for.

After that it’s going to have to be a case of adopting my (very efficient) husband’s policy of ‘one in one out’ or my clothing collection will start to take over the whole house.

If you need help seeking out the missing partners for your clothing ‘orphans’, drop me a line or let me know in the comments, I’m sure I can help, and by redirecting my expert shopping skills in your direction, you’ll be doing me, and my family, a very big favour!!



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