Summer Coats



Coats are one of my (many) clothing passions.

I love how a beautiful coat can enhance an outfit – heck, it can almost be your outfit in some instances. Living in the UK, we need access to a coat all year round and at this time of year, I often find women overlook this important clothing category.


Read my guide and see what you’ve got covered and where your gaps might be. I feel that there are two important categories for most women at this time of year, a lightweight casual summer jacket and a gorgeous rain coat for those pesky drizzly days.

Here are my top picks of what’s available this season.


1. A lightweight Casual Jacket

This is a useful coat to own for those days when it’s not quite warm enough to go without but you may well end up taking it off and carrying it when the clouds part and the sun beams down.

Some great options for a lightweight summer jacket are:


  • Denim
  • Soft leather
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Jersey
  • Shacket (cross between a shirt and a jacket)

Think about the length of jacket that’ll work best for the outfits you tend to wear. I like to have a shorter option for over summer dresses and wide leg trousers and a longer line one for slim leg jeans and trousers.

I’ve just added this fabulous organic cotton biker style jacket into my collection which works really well with my wider leg trousers and jeans for a smart casual look.

Saint & Sofia Cotton Biker Jacket  – Currently Reduced to £99


For a prettier look, I also love this shorter length Boden jacket with the pretty collar detail. It looks great for anyone who might suit feminine details in their outfits. Follow the link for more colour options.


Boden Carla Ruffle Collar Jacket Iceberg Green – £95


2. A Summer raincoat

Whether you opt for a totally waterproof coat or something less technical but practical enough, I recommend you have something stylish to wear on a drizzly (or worse) summer’s day.

Your lifestyle will dictate whether you need a smart version or casual (or both) so I’ve included both options here.

I love the technical raincoats by Protected Species and now have two in my coat collection. They are 100% waterproof and beautifully stylish. They have smart and casual options.

Protected Species Waterproof Rain Bomber  – £169

A longer coat is sometimes more versatile (depending on the kind of outfits you like to wear). This length tends to work well over trousers, skirts and dresses too.

Mint Velvet Longline Parka, Light Pink – £169


And for a super-smart option, you can’t beat a trench coat or mac. Whether you go classic or something more dramatic, there a tons of fabulous options out there to choose from.


& Other Stories Relaxed Trench – £175

I like the fluidity and length of this &Other Stories trench but if you prefer something more structured, have a look at something like this…Hobbs also has some great petite fit options.


Hobbs Saskia Water Resistant Trench Coat – £199

Have a think about what you have already and where your coat gaps might be. Let’s get our outerwear as stylish as the outfits underneath this summer!



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