I’m well aware that most people don’t necessarily categorise their coats.

But I do.

I love coats. Always have.

And I’ve built up quite a collection over the years (hence the need to categorise!).

From years and years of working with clients, I’ve identified that the category of coat that is most often missing, (making dressing at this time of year quite tricky) is a light jacket/coat.

In my opinion, your coat is a VITAL part of your outfit, not an afterthought. It’s the first part of your outfit that people see when you are out and about. A stylish coat or jacket that really suits your style can elevate your look, even when you are dressed down.

I won’t go on about the unpredictability of our weather here in the UK but an all-weather-not-too-heavy-goes-over-everything-ideally-shower-proof coat is, in my opinion a MUST HAVE item.

If you are in the market for a new coat or (even coats!) of this categorisation, look no further. I’ve got it covered.

The ‘Covers All Bases’ Coat

If you like the idea of one coat that covers all bases, look no further than a Mac/Trench Coat/Duster Coat.

This type of coat adds a layer of warmth, can be showerproof, can be dressed up or down and if you get the right length for you, can be worn over almost all your outfits. Versatility nailed.

Unless your style is very dramatic/edgy /quirky, I’d advise you choose one in a neutral colour so that you don’t have to wonder whether it goes with your outfit.

Avoid a belted version if you know that tying a belt around your waist gives you the sack-of-spuds look or simply tie the belt back on itself around the back. This will give some shape to your figure without drawing attention to your middle.

Great places to look for this kind of coat are:


& Other Stories

Anthropologie (where I found my current favourite snake print version!)

The Outnet (Own brand ‘Iris and Ink’ have some rather gorgeous ones.)

Iris & Ink Victoria cotton-gabardine trench coat, £195

A More Casual Option

If you like a more relaxed look, there are a gazillion options in the shops, right now. You might even decide you need a smart version and a more casual coat. As long as you promise to wear them both to death, you have my blessing.

Fast becoming one of my favourite places for personal shopping, is Arket. This is a relatively new brand to the UK. Arket is a branch of H&M, has a pretty good ethical and sustainable policy and the style of their fashion is natural and quirky. Their colour palette won’t work for everyone – a lot of neutrals – but since we are talking coats/jackets this is a good thing. It’s very annoying when you fall in love with a bright coloured coat and then rarely wear it because it doesn’t go with most of your wardrobe…

Here are some ideas for you.



This military style jacket is a great option if you like a casual yet strong look. Refer back to my advice about belts above. Epaulettes are great for defining shoulders if you need a little help there. This length is tricky if you have ‘heavy hips’. If that’s you, go for something shorter.

Expedition Jacket, £89

I know, I know. I said its best to go for a neutral colour BUT this toned-down, earthy red was too cheerful to ignore. I love the structured feel to this and it would look great with denim, over chinos or even over a midi/maxi skirt. For those in the know, this is an ‘autumn shade’, beautiful if you have ‘warm colouring’.

Cotton Twill Workwear Jacket, £79

This is the kind of coat that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it will keep you as warm as you need (its one that you can zip padding into), sheltered from the wind (no mention of it being showerproof but I reckon it’d do a pretty good job) and looking very cool.

The drawstring around the middle means you can make it work for your body and the length and dipped hemline make it very versatile.

Lightweight Fish-Tail Parka, £125

I hope that was helpful. And I also hope that soon I will be writing about how to keep cool in the heat!

Is this a coat category you are lacking? Did you even know? Leave me a comment.

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