I’ve recently returned from a blissful few days away in Mallorca. Stepping away from your every-day life and much-loved family for ‘5 minutes’ can have a transformational effect on your mind, I find. I try to do it at least once a year.

This year (as usual) my friend and I spent a lot of time people watching. It’s one of our most favourite things to do. Every so often one of us would exclaim:

‘Ooh you’d suit that!’

‘Love THAT dress!’

‘Amazing shoes’

‘Doesn’t she look elegant’

‘Great hair!’

Our best spot for people watching and clothes analysing was the beach club where all manner of women rocked up (as well as a miniscule number of men). Some short, some tall, some full bodied, some skinny and toned.

This is where a favourite theory of mine was proven once again.

It didn’t actually matter what they were wearing (or not wearing in some cases); it didn’t matter whether they were on the skinny or the heavy side; it didn’t matter if they were make-up free or caked in the stuff.

The ones that looked most captivating were the ones that looked relaxed and happy and were there to have fun.

Set out to have a good time

One woman in particular was wearing a simple black one piece, had a large tummy and an always full glass of wine. I’d guess she was in her 50’s. She had a constant smile on her face, was merrily chatting to those around her and had a little dance every now and then to the music. She appeared to be totally at ease with her body, full of confidence and was there to have the time of her life. She looked beautiful.

At the other extreme was a young woman with a gym-honed body, legs that went on FOREVER, a skimpy bikini, uncomfortable looking heels and a sour expression on her face. She looked as though she took herself way too seriously and when she wasn’t taking selfies, she was parading up and down in various states of undress looking as though she wished she was somewhere else (probably an ice-cream parlour with blacked out windows).

Of course we have no idea why she looked so serious, there may well be difficult things going on in her life BUT it emphasised something I’ve long said and often spoken and written about.

The most attractive thing about a person is self-confidence. And if you don’t feel confident just try smiling. A happy woman is WAY more beautiful than a sour faced one. Smile at those around you and notice what happens. More often than not you get smiles back, and good service. Everyone wins.

Learning about my personal style back in 2009 was the one thing that boosted my confidence. I’m definitely not as sure of myself as the dancing woman in her black swimsuit BUT I always try to wear a smile. I wear outfits that work for me. I have a formula for dressing that gives me confidence and I’m less likely to suffer with comparisonitis.

Understand your own personal style and grow in confidence

So, remember. This summer, wherever you may find yourself, smile and turn up with the attitude that you are going to have a good time. If you need some guidance in how to feel confident in your own skin, consider treating yourself to my home-learning style course The Style Plan.

Learn your own formula for dressing and feel more confident beach side, out for dinner, doing the weekly shop or holding your own in the board room. When you know your unique style formula, you’ll be able to pull together flattering and confidence-inducing outfits in a jiffy.

Purchase The Style Plan before 6pm on 30th June and save £100. Find out more here.

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