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In last week’s blog I mentioned the joy and usefulness of using packing cubes for when you travel. If you missed that post, you can catch up here.

Many of you asked for more information about why I think using packing cubes for travel is such a good idea, so in today’s blog I’ve covered all the reasons I now wouldn’t ever travel without them!

Honestly, the speed and ease of packing and organising your luggage is hugely satisfying both for packing up before you leave, unpacking (or not!) on arrival and then packing up again at the end of your holiday.

If this is a new concept for you, and you have no idea what I’m talking about, packing cubes are soft zippable cubes of varying sizes (when you buy a set, check out what’s included and whether the sizes and number of cubes feels right for your needs). My set are quite unstructured and floppy which I was initially disappointed with but I soon realised that this is actually an advantage since something more structured might be tricky to squash and squeeze into your available space. Mine also includes a laundry bag and small zippable pouch which I use for plugs, chargers etc. See below.

I wouldn’t be without these handy cubes now that I’ve discovered the benefits of quick and easy packing and organising your luggage.

When I’m ready to pack, I get out my foldable clothing rail (usually stored under a bed) and hang everything on it that I’m considering taking, before editing my collection to something appropriate for the length of time I am away and what I’m likely to be getting up to.

I gather footwear, accessories and underwear so that everything that I can possibly pack the day before is ready to go into the case. I’ve made myself a handy holiday packing list (including everything I could possibly need for any trip) which I print off before I start to make sure I don’t miss anything. Having this packing list brings me a tremendous amount of mental security. I used to spend the first hour of any trip worrying about what I’d forgotten. Not any more! I tick off everything as it goes into my case/cubes and highlight anything that I need to remember in the morning that can’t yet be packed.

No more packing stress here thank you very much!




How to allocate your packing cubes

This is how I use my cubes. You may prefer a different way but this gives me such a sense of satisfaction, as well as preventing me from missing anything out and I know exactly where to find each item. Ooh also, if you ever have to open up your case at the airport, everything stays where it should be and you don’t suffer the indignity of knickers or bras falling out and spilling over the floor!



I have a cube/pouch for:

  • Chargers, adapter plugs and any other technology (how many times have you forgotten to take or left your charger plugged in at your hotel room?!).
  • Underwear and sleepwear (I don’t unpack this when I arrive, I just fish things out as I need them).
  • Swimwear, cover-ups, sunhat etc (no scrabbling around on arrival to find your swimsuit when you are hot and tired).
  • Other clothing (I roll each piece to maximise space and minimise creasing).
  • Laundry (empty on the way out and full on the way home!).
  • Footwear (this keeps shoes away from everything else which feels more hygienic).
  • Just-in-case pouch for my hand luggage (read my last blog to find out what this is for. It’s a game-changer!).

You may not need to use every cube on every trip but having enough available for all the categories you might need to pack for any trip away is important. So think about that when you are choosing your set.

Some of you asked for specific recommendations, which I’m hesitant to do. I can’t find mine online anymore (I think I got them on Amazon and this set looks very similar) but my advice is to do your own research, read the reviews and think about what would best suit your needs.

I hope you are going to give packing cubes a go! Let me know by leaving me a comment.

And whether you are jetting off somewhere soon or taking a break from work and planning a trip sometime later this year, have a lovely summer and I’ll be back in August with more style inspiration and practical advice.

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