Everybody needs a summer jacket.

A light-weight jacket that can be thrown over any outfit in the summer is a vital ingredient of a wardrobe that works. Not to mention (which I seem to do in most of my blogs) with the British weather being so unpredictable, there aren’t many days that you can safely go out without some kind of coat.

I find the ‘summer jacket’ to be a category of clothing that gets overlooked by many of the ladies I work with, so in today’s blog I’ve done the hard work for you. I reckon I’ve just about found something for everyone.

Now, most of what I have found for you today falls into the ‘casual’ category. These days, causal works in far many more scenarios that 10-15 years ago. So, unless you need to be suited and booted for the work you do, a casual jacket may be the only one you need this summer.


I’m slightly cheating by starting with biker jackets. They are a good all-year-round kind of coat, not just for summer but there are SO many fabulous versions in the shops right now I couldn’t bear not to mention them.

A biker jacket is typically cut slightly cropped and has studs, zips, flaps and lots of ‘stuff’ going on. This makes it a perfect style for you if you have a pear shaped (or bottom heavy) figure type. A biker jacket keeps the attention on your top half and balances out your lower half. The length and shape draws attention to your lovely waist.

House of Fraser Morgan Biker-style zipped detail jacket £45.50

House of Fraser Morgan Biker-style zipped detail jacket £45.50


There are many, many alternatives to black these days (which can look too ‘tough’ for many women). I love this soft blue from Jigsaw which doesn’t have quite as much ‘fuss’ and detail as some of the others. This makes it an easier choice for you if you are top heavy and don’t need extra attention on your bust or tummy. This one is also a ‘slightly’ longer length which again is more suitable for you if you carry your weight on your top half.

Jigsaw Quilted Washed Biker Jacket £298

Jigsaw Quilted Washed Biker Jacket £298

The biker style jacket is usually leather (or faux leather) but this year I’ve found some great non-leather options in this style too.

OK, this one is suede so still ‘spendy’ and not for the vegetarians amongst us but if you are more natural in your style, suede will suit you more than leather. And I adore this soft colour.

Suede Bales Biker Jacket All Saints £298

Suede Bales Biker Jacket All Saints £298

This adorable number is cotton! This is absolutely spot on for straighter figure types (if you aren’t sure of the shape of your figure, generally speaking a curved waist and bigger hips means curved and a thicker waist and narrow hips is straight). The longer length brings attention to the hips. I ‘heart’ this one SO much (but am not sure I can justify another jacket in my wardrobe…)

Greyson stich biker jacket. French Connection £175 down to £105

Greyson Stitch Biker Jacket. French Connection £175 down to £105

Other Jackets

Linen will only suit you if you have a strong element of ‘natural’ in your clothing style. If you are very classic in your style you won’t cope with the inevitable creasing.

Jigsaw Linen Tencel Military Jacket. £129.

Jigsaw Linen Tencel Military Jacket. £129.

Maybe it’s a shame to wear black in the summer, but if black is one of your good colours and you pair it with lighter colours, I reckon you are on to a winner. This one is strictly for those with a nice curve to your waist. If you have a thicker waist, please don’t try to create one. Trust me, it isn’t anywhere near as flattering as not tying a belt around a thick waist a la ‘sack of spuds’…

Warehouse. Tencel Tie Waist Jacket. £59

Warehouse. Tencel Tie Waist Jacket. £59


Ok, these aren’t really jackets per say, but they are darned useful at this time of year. They are cosy and warm for a cooler day and perfect for a summer’s evening.


Bellona waterfall jacket Phase 8

Bellona Waterfall Jacket Phase 8

I don’t do this kind of blog very often because I find it SO hard to shortlist everything I want to share with you. I haven’t even touched on denim jackets but have a browse if that’s your thing. It doesn’t have to be blue denim, we have choices in everything these days (which I know for some makes it even harder to choose…) and according to fashion, this season denim should be worn in a looser way. I’m not sure about that myself but by all means give it a go if you like to follow fashion.

Don’t forget to tell me how you get on, especially if you make a purchase as a result of reading this. Leave me a comment and spill all!

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