If you would love a job where you get to help women feel better about themselves every single day, AND go shopping all the time, how about doing my job?

I’ve spent almost 10 years developing my unique methodology and using it to help women feel good about how they look.

Now I’m aiming to help an even wider group of women by training others to do this work too.


My exclusive training course is only available on a one-to-one basis (there are no group programs). Delivery of this training is flexible. For example, you could take the 10-day programme over a two-week period or spread it out over several months – whatever best suits you, your lifestyle and your learning style.

The training fee includes:

  • 10 one-to-one training days with me
  • All course materials
  • Models to practice your skills on
  • Home study activities
  • Online Q&A calls
  • Business advice
  • A graduation certificate to display in your own studio space


This one-to-one training is for people who want to make a difference.

Are you:

  • Good with people?
  • A great communicator?
  • Interested in style (not necessarily fashion)?
  • Able to listen and really ‘see’ a woman for who she is?

Do you:

  • Appreciate that we are all different with varied tastes?

Let’s be clear from the outset: there is so much more to what an image consultant does than simply selecting fabulous outfits.

As soon as a woman chooses to focus on herself by working on her personal style, amazing things start to happen. A ripple effect starts, bringing positive changes in her relationships, her work and her confidence; it’s a wonderful thing to be part of.

You could easily jump on a course and learn how to do colour analysis, or how to dress someone for their body shape, but it takes someone special to be able to take a woman under her wing and support her through this kind of transformation.

If you are the kind of person who is good at supporting others, this could be the right change of career for you.…


You will have all the skills and knowledge you need to be able to set up your own image consultancy, offering colour and image analysis services. As you start to take on paying clients and are ready to grow your business I can help you get off the ground by recommending people from my group of pre-tested, trusted advisors. There are some brilliant people in my network who could support you with:


  • Setting up a website
  • Developing your business plan
  • Building a marketing strategy
  • Choosing the best networking opportunities
  • Creating videos
  • Copywriting
  • Promoting your business on social media


Training to become an image consultant back in 2009 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

This work ticks each and every one of my ‘perfect job’ requirements. I have an excuse to spend a LOT of time looking at and researching clothes, styles, ideas. I have the ability to instigate change in women who are ready to step up and improve their style. I’ve learnt how to empower women to shop for clothes and create outfits they love by themselves. I make women feel fabulous. I can do it all around the school runs, doctors’ appointments, sports days and time with friends. And, I am my own boss (something that wasn’t even high up on my wish-list until I realised how amazing it is!).




I am so pleased that I made the decision to train with Helen.  It was a considered choice, as I had taken time to review several Image courses and talk to other consultants. Finally, I decided to go through the process as one of Helen’s clients to discover first-hand how she worked – it was at that point that I knew I had found the right trainer.

Helen has a joyful approach to her craft and very much wants to see her clients happy and fulfilled by their consultation. Her training is carefully structured to ensure you learn how to achieve the same personal approach for your clients alongside learning image theory in a thorough and logical manner. She is extremely patient and the one-to-one lessons enable you to learn easily as well as giving you the time to concentrate on areas that you may find harder to grasp.  Throughout Helen is calm, encouraging and diligent in ensuring you get the result you want, allowing you to have total confidence in your skills when you start to work solo.  She is fun, kind and totally non-judgemental, (even when I do something really daft!). I loved working with her and hope to do more together in the future – I cannot recommend her enough.



The Training Fee

The course investment is £7000, payable before training starts. Or, talk to me if you are interested in signing up, but you’d prefer a payment plan.



If this all sounds like exactly what you are looking for, click to apply below so that we can arrange to get together to discuss whether this is the right path for you. 

Got questions? Of course you have! I’d love to answer them, please call me on 07773 800168 or email: helen@helenreynoldsstyle.com

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