How I like to change things up

All Aboard the Change Train.

There’s a common thread to Autumn and for me it’s all about ‘departures’. By November, lots of things are coming to an end in order to make way for something new. Crunchy golden leaves are rapidly spiraling down onto our lawn as they depart the trees. Flocks of birds overhead are departing overseas to find warmer winter weather (lucky them). And, we are ALREADY almost at the departure of 2016 as we get ready to welcome in the New Year.

Personally, I’m a change lover. I find transitioning from one state to another quite easy. But, when you know your style rules inside and out (like I do) and you prefer to stick to them as much as possible because you know that that means wearing clothes that love you back (like I do), clothing choices do occasionally tend towards feeling a bit ‘rutty’.

I didn’t even realise that this could happen to me until a recent shopping trip.  I found myself attempting to buy my new season clothes and I suddenly felt like I already had a version of everything I was seeing in the shops that was in my style. I know this sounds dreadful. I DO have a big wardrobe – I’m the first to admit it. And, I am over 40 so I’ve been through the fashion cycle enough to know that styles routinely come back every few years.  But – how did this happen? Surely I can’t already own a version of every single possible item that suits me?

Anyway, it turns out I do. At least, not every single item that suits me, but all the ones that I want to wear.

Instead of coming home empty handed (as if!) I decided to try out a ‘departure’. Not in this case, sadly, a departure from Gatwick on a first class trip to Mauritius, but a bit of a change from the norm. I tried on some things that I would never normally consider.

First I tried a camel coat. There are so many beautiful versions in the magazines this year – I’ve never had one and it’s something I’d love to own. Unfortunately, every single one I tried on made me look like Del Boy. I could have just gone with this vibe and teamed it with a the flat cap and ‘Helen’ necklace to complete the ensemble, but, my friend talked me out of it.

Then I spotted a blouse with a frill down the front. I’d never usually go for this style as I have quite big boobs and any kind of fuss up front can make me look and feel matronly.  Having tried the top in two different colours, I was interested to find that the ivory version did make me feel a bit Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, but the same top in navy was really chic! I was surprised at how well it worked and cannot to wear my new look. I feel like a new woman!

If you are in a similar rut – a bit bored of everything in your usual uniform and you want a change without breaking your personal style rules* (heaven forbid!), here’s my advice for changing things up. Why not try:

  • New colours – those you’ve avoided before for whatever reason. Just make sure they are kind to your skin tone.
  • A skirt or dress if you are usually to be found in trousers. Or, a really chic pair of trousers if you usually only wear jeans.
  • A pair of earrings, if you had your ears pierced years ago and never bother to wear them anymore.
  • A re-jigged haircut – lots of my clients have been delighted when I suggested a new do and of course you wear your hair every day. If you’ve been thinking about going for a new style why not book into your hairdressers for a free consultation to discuss some options?

There are tons of ways to take a departure, and, it’s a great time of year to do just that.

It’s your turn: I’d love to hear your ideas and how you get on with this. Let me know in the comments.

*If you haven’t got your personal style rules sorted out yet, here’s one good way to do that, and here’s another.

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