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Does the thought of digging out your beachwear for the summer give you palpitations?

Or is the thought of baring (almost) all on holiday simply too terrifying to think about?

A YouGov survey for Slimming World discovered that more than 73% of women said wearing a swimming costume was their most feared summertime pursuit. 

If you relate to this you’re certainly not alone but this year things can be different.

This is a wonderful time of year but it is also a time when many of us start searching around frantically for a crash diet that might help us feel better about our bodies before our holiday starts. Although, in the end, these new diets usually prove as useless as the last.

All of which means that for most of us, the thought of de-robing and effectively walking around in our underwear in public for a week or two is completely terrifying. Which is why this blog post is going to help to make things a bit easier and, hopefully, a lot less daunting.

Positive steps

Firstly, if you’re worried about how you’ll look on holiday, then a little bit of beauty preparation will go a long way towards making you feel more body confident and beach ready.

Secondly, if you choose swimwear that flatters your colouring, your shape and your style, then you will feel much happier about the prospect of being half naked for several hours a day.


This is my usual pre-holiday prepping routine.

  1. Six weeks before – try to cut down on sugar and alcohol (but usually don’t manage it)
  2. One month before – have a Kerastraight hair treatment (a type of Brazillian blow dry). This makes my hair 100% more manageable and low maintenance (so I don’t need to blow dry it or faff with it the whole time I am away).
  3. One week before – have a gel pedicure for pretty toes. You could get your fingers done too but I like mine natural on holiday to soak up the sun. They always grow loads on holiday and strengthen.
  4. Three days before – go to the spa and have an eyebrow and eyelash tint and wax any areas that need de-fuzzing.
  5. The day before – Have a spray tan (I am pale so go for a very light colour but it’ amazing how much happier I am about shorts and little dresses and even bikinis when I’m tanned).

Choose the right swimwear


If you’ve had your colours done, you will know the shades and tones of colour that flatter your skin tone. Wearing a good colour for you next to your face makes you look younger, healthier and makes your skin glow. And the great news is that by wearing swimwear in a flattering colour the skin on your thighs will look nicer too!

Avoid black unless you know it suits you or if you are tanned already. If it doesn’t flatter your skin tone then it can make your skin (everywhere) look dreadful.

Body Shape

Consider your body shape when you are choosing your swimwear.

If you are bottom heavy (pear shaped) and you’d like to wear a two-piece, opt for something with plain dark coloured bikini bottoms and either a lighter or brighter top piece or something with ruffles, a print or embellished on top. A halter neck will make your shoulders look broader so will help to balance out your hips.

If you are top heavy (apple shaped) reverse these rules. Wear a plain tankini top if you want to hide your tum and wear ties, embellishment or print on your bikini bottoms where you are slimmer.

Sometimes a swimsuit is the best solution. These days, support swimwear is widely available which has clever in-built systems for sucking it all in. However, do make sure you are comfortable and can breathe before buying!

My go-to swimwear site is www.figleaves.com. They have a huge range of bikinis, tankini sets and one-pieces and an added bonus is being able to shop by cup size.

My final tip is to treat yourself to a gorgeous beach cover up. You will feel so glamorous if you have something floaty to throw on for your walk up the beach or when you are propping up the bar. Check out Aspiga.com for some beauties.

And on a different note, last year in Kefalonia, I spotted that all the Italians had these amazing towels draped over their sun-loungers. They were quite a thin fabric, beautiful colours and even had handy pockets for storing sun-cream and phones. I was delighted to track them down on Aspiga and I have already put in my order for this summer.


I think after all that preparation I deserve to lay myself out on a beautiful towel.

Every little helps doesn’t it?

Tell me about your pre-holiday preparation and post your summer dressing dilemmas in the comment box above. I’d love to hear from you.


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