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  • Is your style outdated and predicable?
  • Do you wonder how others manage to look effortlessly stylish?
  • Are you ready to up your style game?

Many women have this unhelpful habit of comparing themselves unfavourably to others. We’ve all been there haven’t we?

I recently worked with a new client, let’s call her Rebecca.

Rebecca said that when she received invitations her heart would sink because she didn’t have the “right” thing to wear. Sometimes she turned down the invitation because that was easier than going through the stress of finding an outfit she felt ok in.

If she did accept, she would inevitably have a frustrating shopping trip whilst she tried to cobble something together that felt right.

One time, she found a dress that she felt pretty good in, only to turn up to the party, take one look at what everyone else was wearing and realise she’d got it “wrong” again.

You’ve guessed it, she spent the rest of the evening feeling down and watching the clock.

If this scenario sounds familiar, try using this very simple formula for dressing. Its beauty is its simplicity and by dressing in this way you will feel elegant and stylish (and you won’t look as though you’ve tried too hard).

Here’s how to do it

Choose one colour. This can be a dark neutral such as black (although check if another neutral colour works better with your skin-tone). This will form the basis of your outfit.

Spend as much as you can afford on this piece. It might be a suit, a dress or separates but it needs to be simple. You want it to be in a lovely, flattering fabric that fits you well.  The beauty of a piece of clothing being so plain is that it will never go out of fashion and you can bring it out year after year and wear it in different ways according to the occasion.

Option 1 – Add a piece of statement jewellery

Choose a statement piece of jewellery or a beautiful belt to add some interest to your outfit. Don’t wear more than two accessories at once though or you lose the effect.

Usually less is more when it comes to accessorising.

Choose something that you are particularly drawn to. This is the centre piece of your outfit and is likely to draw attention.


Option 2 – Add a pop of colour.

Add one pop of colour to your outfit. A bag, a pair of shoes, a scarf or a top under a jacket.

This is a strong style statement and so elegant and unfussy you will look effortlessly stylish. Don’t try to match the pop of colour to something else in your outfit, allow it to take centre stage.

Choose a colour that is kind to your skin-tone especially if it is worn close to your face. Certain colours will make you look pale and tired and others will give you a radiance boost. Experiment until you find the ones that work best for you.


This way of dressing is so quick and easy when you’re short of time and the result is always fabulous.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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