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Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas as lovely break and a very happy start to the New Year.

I’m here to help you to make 2018 a more discerning and confident clothes-wearing year, so to kick things off with a bang, I’m writing about sales shopping. This is often a downfall for voracious shoppers so I’m starting things off by urging you to work the sales to your advantage. Let’s try not be swayed by the uber-tempting discounts and definitely not end up buying armfuls of tat you really don’t want or need.

If you start the year with these good habits and continue to follow the tips and advice that I share in my blogs and over on my Facebook page, you will find yourself feeling more organised and in control of your shopping and your wardrobe organisation, not to mention feel more confident around the clothes that suit you.

If you are guilty of losing your cool around bargainous prices, regardless of their suitability to your style or your life, I’d love for you to think your sales shopping strategy – or your ‘SSS’.

Here is my Sales Shopping Guide to work out your ‘SSS’!

1. Know what you are looking for.

It’s all very well picking up bargains ‘willy-nilly’ but if you never wear these pieces, you are wasting your cash.

There are a handful of things I would pick up in the sales without hesitation, because at the ripe old age of 45, I know what suits me. I have worked out what I wear often and what makes me feel good. These are things like my favourite jeans, over-sized cashmere jumpers and silk shirts. I know I will always get good use out of these essentials (and remember they might not be your essentials – we are all different!).

Start by identifying what your essentials are. What is your ‘uniform’, what do you like to wear day-to-day that is practical and appropriate for your lifestyle (but crucially what makes you  feel great). Make a list and give yourself permission to pick these pieces up in the sales, should you see any. Even if you don’t necessarily need more right now, you know they will come in handy when your current pieces become worn out or tired looking.

This might be wrap dresses, colourful scarves, jackets, A-line skirts or unusual t-shirts…

2. Get inspired.

If you wear the same ‘uniform’ most days and have done for years, it’s definitely time to get inspired and try something new.

I love to use Pinterest and I keep a board running throughout the season for myself (as well as for some of my clients!). Whenever I see something online that I like the look of, I save it to my Pinterest board. Then when the sales start, I will keep an eye on these pieces and if something is reduced (and I still love it) I will pop it in my basket.

And sometimes I add something to my Pinterest board and when it comes round to sale time I’ve already gone off the idea – so I saved myself the pennies. That always feels good!

Having a Pinterest board (or any other way of creating a mood board, it doesn’t have to be Pinterest) means that you can keep an eye on what’s out there throughout the season, add things whenever you see anything you like and review as often as needed before you make a purchase.

3. Make room for non-planned pieces.

And finally, sales shopping doesn’t need to be 100% planned and well thought out, we all need a bit of room for impulse buying.

Just ask yourself these three questions before you buy.

  1. Where am I going/what will I be doing when I wear this piece?
  2. What will I wear it with? (Do I already own that or does it require me to buy more stuff to make it work?)
  3. Would I still love it at full price – or am I swayed by the price? If you wouldn’t love it at full price (even if you couldn’t afford it) you probably shouldn’t buy it.

So, this January, I urge you to implement my SSS and get planning. I would love to hear what you’ve got your eye on or what you’ve already picked up. Drop me a comment!

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