– The Wardrobe Reboot EXPERIENCE –

5 Days to Revamp your Wardrobe and Feel Confident Again

STARTS MONDAY 30th january

The Wardrobe Reboot Experience is back! This is, by far, my most popular free event of the year. Read on to find out why…

I wonder. How do you feel when you open the doors of your wardrobe? Calm and full of joy or overwhelmed and despairing?

I’ve designed The Wardrobe Reboot Experience to help you to get the most out of what you already have in your wardrobe and to feel more confident in your outfit choices. And to do that, we need to have a good sort out – so, I’m inviting you to join me on a voyage of discovery! There are hidden gems waiting to be worn amongst your old favourites and style mistakes, and I really want to help you to find them. And wear them!

If you are ready for a confidence boost and a whole host of style inspiration and ideas, join me for this fun and transformational week!


Join me for the Wardrobe Reboot Experience! Get organised and find more to wear, without having to buy anything new. 

This free challenge is for you if:

  • You are ready to shake up your everyday style and want to make smart/casual dressing feel easier and more enjoyable. 

  • You know you have some really lovely clothes, but you never get around to wearing them. You are ready to build your selection of go-to outfit choices and welcome those lovely clothes into circulation!

  • You feel stuck in a rut wearing the same few outfits on rotation but just aren’t sure how to break the cycle and try something new, without feeling self-conscious. What if a different outfit looks wrong?! 

  • You’ve forgotten how to dress in a way that makes you feel good! Perhaps you’ve even forgotten what you actually like to wear and what items of clothing make you feel like ‘you’. You’d like your outfits to represent more of the real ‘you’.

  • Your jam-packed wardrobe doesn’t seem to support your current lifestyle. Your life has changed and half of what you already own doesn’t get worn anymore!

  • You’ve been looking around at what others are wearing and feel like everyone else seems to automatically know exactly what to wear to look fabulous. You wonder why your outfits don’t have the same excitement and you want some of that same ‘pizazz’.

  • You’d like to wear better quality pieces and feel ready to invest in your wardrobe, but you’re worried about making more mistakes. You don’t know where to start – or even what you really need! 

  • You want to up your style game, to stop feeling flat and overwhelmed by your wardrobe and are ready to roll up your sleeves for good old a reboot! 


If any of the above resonate with you, I invite you to join me for the wardrobe reboot EXPERIENCE!

click below to register FOR YOUR FREE PLACE:

(I know you’re busy and so might be wondering about the time commitment for this challenge.

Daily training sessions take place live in our private Facebook group at 9am every morning, with a Q&A session at 5pm each day. Session replays are available to watch back in the group, and will also be shared via email for those not on Facebook.

For the daily tasks, you can spend as long as you have available – from 10 minutes to an hour or more, if you choose.)

“A big thanks, Helen, for setting up this challenge. I have fallen in love with my wardrobe again. After clearing out quite a lot, I now have the space to see what I actually have. I have organised the hanging space into tops, dresses and skirts, jackets and jumpers each in colour order. As a result of this, my wardrobe now pops with colour. I have got almost everything else nearly into drawers, apart from the bulky jumpers. I know what is missing and what I need to get. Thanks again.”

– Gillian

Transformational is a word that’s overused these days but the reboot has hit me at just the right time. It got me thinking deeply about all aspects of my life and made me want to take positive action to address the disconnect between where I am and where I know I can be. Thanks again Helen.”

– Sarah

wardrobe organisation - neatly hanging clothes

 Join me for THE wardrobe REBOOT EXPERIENCE!

It’s been a year since I last ran this exciting and transformative challenge and boy, did we have fun! Over 450 women joined me for a week of wardrobe organisation to discover the hidden gems they’d forgotten about and the feedback was wonderful. 

“I signed up for the Reboot Your Wardrobe challenge initially because it sounded like just what I needed – to start thinking a bit more broadly about my outfit choices. Plus I love a good declutter – not that my wardrobe was that cluttered but I was still amazed by the result just from those 5 days. What was even more fun was having the inspiration to be more playful in my outfit choices.”

– Carol

The experience runs over 5 days, starting on Monday 30th January. Each day, I’ll take you one step closer to a fresh feeling wardrobe and MORE outfits to wear. Without needing to go shopping!

You’ll benefit almost immediately from easy new outfit combinations and start feeling fresh and looking revitalised.

Then when you open your wardrobe each morning to select your outfit, you’ll be ready to roll and feel confident, stylish and energised.

This challenge is for women who enjoy taking positive steps to self-improvement. You see life as a journey and love to learn new things. You enjoy a project and usually see things through to a satisfying result.

If this is you, get on board today!

I found the wardrobe reboot really helpful at a point where I had basically lost my way, with a mixture of mismatched stuff bought because they were in the sale rather than planned, and well-loved pieces that were well past their best. I got rid of a lot, went on to have a colour re-rate and also discovered Kettlewell! This has completely changed my approach to re-building my wardrobe.

– Mandy



Once you’ve registered your free place on the challenge, you’ll receive an email to confirm your spot and an invitation to join our private ‘Wardrobe Reboot Experience’ community on Facebook.


Each morning, I’ll go live in our Facebook group, for around 20 minutes, to share your tasks for the day.


I know you’re busy, so the tasks for each day are small and won’t take too long. Having said that, the cumulative effect over 5 days will result in a very satisfying result!


You can report back, share your successes, ask questions and be motivated by our supportive challenge community over in the Facebook group. I’ll be checking in throughout the day to cheer you on! 


I’ll be live in the group again every afternoon for a short Q&A session around the day’s focus, to check in with you, answer your questions and give you lots of encouragement to keep going.


By the end of our 5 days together, you’ll be amazed at the transformation in your wardrobe. You’ll feel newly inspired and re-energised when it comes to your style and outfit choices. Hooray!

If, for any reason, you can’t be there for the live sessions or you aren’t on Facebook, no problem!

Replays will be available to watch back for the duration of the challenge and will be shared via email, so you can take part whenever suits you best. 

“Thank you so much for the challenge this week, Helen. It’s been an amazing thing to be part of and spend some time on myself. I’ve already learnt a lot and worn an outfit this week I’d never have considered – especially at the moment!”

– Louise

“It was enlightening, Helen’s clear content structure and advice made the challenge such fun!

I loved the group of ladies; so supportive and honest in opinions on outfits which I found refreshing and very useful!”

– Emma

Hi, I’m Helen Reynolds.

I specialise in supporting women who love life, seize opportunities and think big.

I work with women who are ready to bring their wardrobe in line with their positive outlook. They want the outfits they wear to represent how they feel on the inside. This leads to a bigger, braver life, stepping out from the shadows and shining brightly!

When you understand your true style, you’ll feel even more excited to get out, be more visible and life your life to the full.

Discovering my own true style over 13 years ago was honestly life-changing for me. Having spent many years working in glossy magazines and feeling my style just wasn’t good enough, I finally had my eyes open to the possibilites for myself.

I can’t tell you the joy, confidence and ease having this style confidence has brought me since. I think every woman should experience it. I feel like I have the best career in the world. Spreading joy and confidence to fabulous women who are ready for an upgrade in all areas of their lives. 

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