The idea for this blog post came from my current trainee, Sarah-Jane. (She’s going to be an awesome image consultant, but that’s another story for another time!)

If you’ve ever put together a great outfit and then forgotten what it was, or, if you always wear the same tops with the same bottoms and feel it’s time to be more experimental, this is for you!

Sarah-Jane and I were discussing my ‘mix and match’ service, which is part of my VIP Style Revamp program. This is where I create as many outfits as I can from my client’s wardrobe and photograph them. This means that when they are getting ready for the day (or evening) they have a super-quick way to decide what to wear. And they have the added assurance that it is a fabulous outfit that fits well, flatters and is perfect for the occasion. Its great fun and my clients are always amazed at how many outfits I can create from what they have.

Sarah-Jane’s idea is a do-it-yourself version of my VIP service. You’ll need to buy yourself a beautiful notebook that will become your ‘style journal’. (You could do this on an excel spreadsheet if that’s more your thing!).

This ‘system’ is kind of like shopping from your own wardrobe. Give it a try and you might be amazed at what you find!

Step 1.

Get dressed.

That’s it. Just put on some clothes. Ideally, you would choose pieces that look good together and make you feel good*.

Try to make new combinations each day rather than sticking to your old favourites. See what is lurking at the back of your wardrobe and give it a chance to be worn. I shared a tip in a recent Facebook Live, to make it easier for you to start wearing more of what you already have. You can catch up with it here.

Step 2.

Review and record

At the end of each day, write down exactly what you have worn, right down to the accessories, footwear and outerwear.

Next to that, make a note of where you went/what you were doing in said outfit. Make a note of the weather for that day and finally write a comment summarising how the outfit worked for you. You could either write a few lines or develop your very own rating system. Categories might include: comfort, weather appropriateness, how you felt in it, how practical it was, basically, whichever criteria are important to you. You could even stick in a mirror selfie if you wanted.

Step 3.

Keep going

Do this daily for as long as you can. Or until you find yourself repeating outfits because you have run out of combinations. And, voila! You now have your very own style journal with daily inspiration and a quick go-to guide for dressing for any occasion.

Great idea Sarah-Jane! Keep ‘em coming!

* If you still struggle to know what suits you, you NEED to get yourself to this event.

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