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Are you in need of a style upgrade? I know that many of my clients were aware of this need for a long time, sometimes years, before they reached out to get help. And each and every time this happens, they tell me they wish they’d done it sooner.

Today I thought I’d share some questions with you. Questions that’ll help you to decide if you really are in need of a style shake-up. And if you do – I’ve also shared my tips to help you get there. If you’d prefer the fast-track route, I’ve also included a link to book into my diary for a call to discuss how I can help you.


5 Questions

Answer yes to one or more of these and you would almost definitely benefit from a boost!

  1. Has your work or lifestyle changed and you no longer feel that your outfits reflect you?
  2. Are you bored and uninspired by the way you dress and are tired of relying on the same few outfits you wear on rotation?
  3. Do you feel as though nothing ‘fits’ you these days? Whether it’s your physical body or who you are as a person?
  4. Are you on an ‘up-levelling’ journey and know that the way you dress is the next piece to transform?
  5. Are you ready to buy better quality clothes, but worried about making mistakes?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above questions, read on!


How to DIY your style update

(Scroll down for the outsource-it-to-me option!)

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above questions, it’s time to shake up your style. What makes me most excited about this change for you isn’t how you’ll look afterwards, but the energy it’ll bring to all areas of your life. When you know you look fabulous, you feel fabulous. And when you feel fabulous, you live a bigger, bolder, braver and more fun life.

So, let’s get started!

Warning: This is a BIG job but start slowly with intention and see how far you can go! It’ll be worth the effort.


STEP 1 – Get inspired

If things are to change, you need some new ideas. A good place for this is Pinterest. Or, if you follow people on social media and you like how they dress, take time to focus on what they are wearing and how they are putting together their outfits. Start saving images and outfits that speak to you and over time you will start to notice a theme, or themes, of ways of dressing.

(Side note – It’s helpful to choose people to follow who look like you.)


Step 2 – Have a proper sort out

To uplevel your outfits, you need to have the ‘right’ ingredients. Block out some time to have a proper sort out. Remove any items of clothing or accessories that don’t fit, you don’t like or that just feel ‘wrong’ when you try to wear them. Now you are left with the workable pieces.

(Side note – If you aren’t ready to permanently remove any of these pieces, just store them elsewhere, so you aren’t looking at them every day).


Step 3 – what has felt good in the past?

Take yourself on a memory trip. What have you worn in the past that always felt great? A particular colour, texture, print or shape? Check in and see if this would still feel good and whether you are drawn to wearing it again.

(Side note – over time we can lose ourselves in the ‘busy-ness’ of our lives. Reconnect to a time you felt fabulous).


Step 4 – get clear on your actual lifestyle

In order to start creating outfits you’ll actually wear, you need to have a really clear idea of what your lifestyle requires. If you are at home and casual for most of the week, you need fabulous casual outfits, not a wardrobe full of fancy/smart/work outfits.

(Side note – try allocating percentages to each area of your life from super-casual time to smart. This’ll help you realise how much of each category you need in order to have enough outfit options).


Step 5 – Spot the gaps

By now you should have an idea of where your wardrobe gaps are and what you need to bring into your wardrobe. Start researching and choosing your new clothes.

(Side note – this step is 100% easier when you know your best colour palette, the most flattering cuts for your shape and the best fabrics and styles for you. That’s where you might need my help – see below).


Step 6 – Play!

When you have your wardrobe gaps plugged, it’s time to start creating outfits and working out what feels really good. Take time to play and step out of your comfort zone to try new combinations.

(Side note – take a photo each time you create an outfit you love to make sure you remember it on a busy morning when you don’t have much time to think).


If this all sounds like a LOT, it’s because it is. Great transformation takes time but I promise you, is worth the effort.


Let me help

If you’d like to skip doing these 6 steps on your own and have me do the hard work for you, feel free to book into my diary for a call. We can discuss your situation and the best route for us to upgrade your style together, whether a morning in my studio (or on Zoom) in a Transformation Session to get your personal Style Blueprint or 4 separate sessions together over a few weeks to get your wardrobe organised, shopping done and new outfits created in my VIP Style Revamp.

Please make sure you have looked at my services here before you book a call. 

I am now taking bookings for these services for September onwards.

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