I have had a few compliments recently on how I look and the glow I have – it’s with your help I have been able to pull my wardrobe together and truly express myself.

Today I had a promotion to a Director on the Board of my company and my MD commented that in the last few months I have the look and feel of a Director. I have done a lot of personal development work but I really believe you have helped me ‘look’ the part which has helped my confidence.

I also today had an American guy run up to me in Oxford Circus station and tell me how wonderful my coat is (the Hobbs teal one) and how my scarf was just beautiful (the Seasalt One from my Pinterest board). He said he had to just tell me and that he wasn’t weird or anything!! Freaked me out but a wonderful compliment!

Thank you x

Marion Ellis

I regularly speak in front of large and small audiences and I’m always being judged on what I wear. It’d be lovely if that wasn’t the case but unfortunately it is. I needed to rebrand my image for a new business launch and I was recommended to Helen.

What she has done for me has been absolutely phenomenal. I feel so at home in my new colours and she’s helped me to redefine my style. It turns out my true style is pretty slouchy and comfortable so I was worried about how we could translate that to professional and polished on the stage.

Having spent the day shopping with Helen I now see that it IS possible. What we have put together is absolutely fantastic and I know that I‘m going to step up on stage and feel totally at home, totally myself and totally the new version of myself that I want to project to the world.

As a speaker you wish you didn’t have to worry about what you wear but people do judge books by their covers. So if like me you’re not expert at it already, I highly recommend working with Helen.

Joanna Martin

Founder, One of Many

I have been positively skipping up every morning to get to my cupboard. Opening it up now fills me with joy instead of dread. And even though I am not the weight I would like to be, wearing the right clothes has really helped boost my confidence. I now have choices and different options instead of just staring vaguely into the cupboard hoping for a miracle every day.
Each part of the restyling process has been invaluable and loved every bit of it. I also felt like I was with an old friend and you made the whole experience comfortable, while having a good laugh along the way too.
Would highly recommend it to someone wanting to elevate their lives!
Lesley Huth

It gives me so much pleasure having a choice of what to wear and being able to make new variations.
For years and years I’ve had 2 or 3 outfits for a whole winter and those days are now gone thanks to you 🙂
I have also upgraded my glasses and my winter coat to fit in with my colours and style.
What I love best is simply the feeling of looking good and put together. I don’t care what anyone else thinks at all – I love that internal glow feeling.
Second best is how easy and fun it has made shopping for clothes – something that used to be super stressful for me. I can be in and out of a shop in seconds and likewise online I know what to look for.
Third best is that it’s fun getting dressed in the morning because I have choices.
Fourth best is that my girls LOVE that their mum finally looks good and stylish and they are so tremendously encouraging of me spending money on myself.
Having my session with you is the best thing I have spent money on in years Helen and I am so grateful for your body positivity messages too.
Inger Masden

I’ll never forget your session. It has given me bags of confidence when shopping for clothes. Every time I show up for clients I know I’m wearing what I look good in and this takes me to a high vibrational energy and they feed off that. So thank you Helen. I can’t really express properly in words how grateful I am to you and your amazing talents.
Lolyia Harrison

Dr Joanna Martin

Founder, One of Many

After attending Helen’s Style Masterclass I decided to book a Super-Speedy Style Revamp. I wanted to get really clear on my style rules and benefit from her expert guidance in buying some really smart outfits for my business wardrobe. I came away with some great outfits that make me look and feel very professional and stylish. Helen chose outfits which I wouldn’t have chosen myself but I loved once I’d tried them on. Choosing what to wear for a client meeting is now super quick and easy and I feel confident that I am dressing well for my brand. This is exactly what I set out to achieve in working with Helen.  Shopping with Helen was relaxed, inspiring and enjoyable and I’d recommend the experience to anyone who realises it’s time for a wardrobe update. I loved the whole experience, which is really saying something from someone who said she hates shopping!

Mary Waring

Financial Advisor, Wealth For Women

Loving how I play in my wardrobe these days.  Interesting the days I find I ‘can’t find anything to wear’ are the days I’m super tired. Those days I give myself a little space and remind myself that I have a very cool wardrobe.  I’ve been finding new ways to combine things – and even rocked my new jumpsuits over the last week.  Yesterday I wore the black and gold one we got together at Anthropology along with the ankle boots. I put a little dramatic flair into the outfit and wore forearm sleeves to go with it.

Jenny Leeming

The Business Whisperer

“I always dreaded clothes shopping, mainly because I found it so difficult to pick things off the rails that were actually going to suit me, both colour-wise and shape-wise, so after spending hours trying things on, I’d either end up with something baggy and blue or beige, or I’d go home empty-handed and exhausted.

Since having my colours and style assessed by Helen, everything has changed. I now understand which shapes, patterns and fabrics will work for me and why. The range of colours I can wear with confidence has increased by 50% (amazing!) and I now know immediately which racks and colours to avoid when I’m out shopping, so I’m not wasting time and energy trying on things that were never going to work for me in the first place.

Thank you, Helen, for making clothes shopping an adventure rather than something to be dreaded – you are amazing!”

Linda Anderson

EFT Tapping Coach, Tap into Your Success

Before I went to see Helen I hadn’t been shopping for clothes for fun for about 25 years. I bought clothes to replace the ones I had when I had to but it wasn’t something I enjoyed. I didn’t feel I knew what suited me anymore and I didn’t go into shops to browse because being faced with lots of choice was just overwhelming – I didn’t know what to pick out to try … so I just stopped trying.

A day with Helen was enormous fun, I learnt lots and suddenly I began to understand why some outfits I owned stayed in the cupboard and others I wore ALL the time! I went home and immediately bagged up 3 outfits that I now knew I didn’t like for good reason – they didn’t suit me! 2 days later I passed a House of Fraser having a Blue Cross Sale … and I went in! I walked around the shop discounting all the items that weren’t “me”, picked up 2 dresses to try on and knew without a shadow of a doubt which looked better and why! Thank you Helen for giving me back a pleasure I thought had gone forever!

Personal Shopping Day

I was worried that my budget was too small and I would feel ridiculous shopping with a stylist! How wrong I was on both counts. A day shopping with Helen was a revelation! It was enormous fun having someone else picking the clothes I should try on – shopping isn’t something I relish and Helen made it easy, explained what would suit me and why (and why some of the things I was drawn to were a NO!) and then she waited while I tried clothes on and showed her. All the clothes she chose looked good on me and some looked AMAZING! She picked styles and colours I wouldn’t have tried and they were the ones that suited me most!

Shopping with Helen was like shopping with a friend except she kept me to budget, didn’t allow me to make dodgy choices and wasn’t just telling me I looked good in something for an easy life or because she didn’t know how to say I didn’t look good. In fact shopping with Helen was nothing like shopping with a friend it was 100 times better!

Sally Hindmarch

Partners with You

I spent a wonderful morning with Helen via Zoom to look at my style, colours, and body shape. Her experience as a style consultant is unparalleled. She is very intuitive in the way she works and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I have rather lost my way with what I wear and feel that with Helen’s continuing support I will be back on track in a short while. Follow up from Helen after our meeting has been detailed and extremely helpful. Her style suggestions for me have been spot on and I already have some new clothes in my wardrobe.
Barbara Paul

Helen has changed my life. I no longer spend time rifling through my wardrobe desperately wondering what to wear because everything I own suits me. Putting outfits together and shopping are an enjoyable experience and my confidence has soared. She’s a miracle worker!

Pip Evan-Cook

The Marketing Architect

I found Helen from an advert in Good Housekeeping magazine and then spoke to her on the phone.  With some degree of  initial scepticism Helen immediately made me feel very comfortable and at ease.

She explained the process to me clearly and I was happy that we both knew what I was trying to achieve. We organised a day and set about the various issues that I had.The colour analysis was extremely interesting and made me aware of colours that otherwise I may never have considered or thought about. The body analysis made me think about my body shape and how to make the best of my best features. Having been through my existing wardrobe Helen made this reduce by about 50% with some brutal culling of clothes that I simply should not be wearing. I now have a much smaller wardrobe but wear everything and mix and match far better.  A definite eye opener if ever there was!

I now feel that I understand myself much better and have a greater appreciation of clothes and what suits me as an individual. I am now far more comfortable putting colours and accessories together and Helen has given me complete confidence to create my own style  going forward. Simply worth every penny and for that I thank her!

Janet Wilkinson

Dispensing Optician

I consulted Helen for some help as I’d been struggling to find a style that suited me and my work. Along with have my colours done (having had them done in the past this was a revelation as I’m not “cool” but “warm” which explains a lot!) Helen took me through a process which considered my feelings towards clothes as well as what would suit me. She was thoughtful and knowledgeable about styles and shapes and gave advice as to what shops would suit my preferences too.

The follow up report was also really helpful and something I will keep close to hand as I go shopping. As a result I have more confidence in my style choices and have jettisoned some of the guilt purchases I kept trying to wear. Life is so much simpler and I waste less time if I need to go shopping. Some of my clients are in the fashion industry and I often felt dowdy. Helen showed me how to make the most of myself and I now feel that I can present myself ( by default my work) to its best. Also as the mother of young children it was a real treat being able to spend time focusing on myself – better than a spa treatment as the effects last forever!

Maria Green

Dynamic Spaces

My wardrobe is now smaller but so much more flexible; and it’s just easier. I’ve been playing the ‘get dressed in the dark’ game (at least metaphorically). The idea being that I blindly reach in to my wardrobe and pull out a bottom, top and jacket/jumper and they should all go together. It works 90% of the time.

People have really noticed the change. I’m more confident – and clearly look more pulled together – in my new wardrobe.


Zoe Wilson

Helen took me shopping with a brief to find me an evening dress for a ball I had been invited too. Having done her research accurately and after looking in a few shops,  Helen found the perfect dress from Coast.  The colour and style were fantastic and matched my colouring and figure perfectly.  We continued to shop for her allotted time during which we found a couple of tops that I would never have picked out by myself, but again were perfect for me.  I wish Helen could come shopping with me every day!

Claire Palmer

Personal Trainer

I went to see Helen as I was fed up with having a wardrobe rammed with clothes but seemingly nothing to wear!  First and foremost Helen’s relaxed and warm manner opens you to the whole experience and the fact that she loves what she does shows in the depth of her knowledge and expertise.  Since my work with Helen my wardrobe has come together. I shop efficiently, with confidence and purpose, spending money on clothes I actually wear. No more agonising over  colour, style, makeup or hair colour. I now buy keys pieces of clothing that tie in with my whole wardrobe rather than lots of cheap clothes that don’t work together and leave holes in my wardrobe as well as as my purse.

Georgie Griggs

Yoga Instructor

Being one of Helen’s VIP clients means that I don’t have to worry at all about shopping for clothes and what to wear. We get together regularly to ensure that my wardrobe is streamlined and easy to navigate so that choosing what to wear each day is really quick and easy. I used to spend far too long trying things on and taking them off again!

She makes sure that I recycle anything that’s looking a bit worn or that doesn’t truly reflect me and my lifestyle so I don’t feel overwhelmed by too much stuff.

Helen has a lovely gentle personality and she doesn’t put on any pressure to buy. When we shop together we always have a lovely day and I come home with pieces that are just right so I always have a choice of outfits to wear for any occasion.

Azmina Jiwa

Trainer and Speaker

Helen has really helped me become more creative and focused on what I buy and how to wear it!  Since becoming a Mum 5 years ago my wardrobe went from corporate city dressing to jeans every day.   I no longer seemed to have the ability to find stylish clothes and really lost interest in shopping and trying clothes on.  The day with Helen was amazing.    I now really understand what suits my body shape and which colours really work for me. This has been an investment that I will reap the benefits from for a long time and I can’t wait to get shopping again.  Thank you Helen.

Sue Salmon


Why did I ask Helen to help me with my style when  I am a confident and assured woman? The honest answer is that I realised I had to up my game when I became a professional public speaker, speaking at  huge events, usually culminating in a book signing afterwards. I realised that when I was on stage and signing books, all eyes were on me and whilst I was comfortable with my style, I was not entirely confident that I was projecting a WOW image to my audience. The nature of what I do also means that I am often photographed and I did not like what I was seeing in some of the photographs.

I had met Helen several times and each time was impressed with her warm and enthusiastic style. I am not the type of person that takes well to being bossed around Trinny and Susanna style! My first session was at her home and it’s fair to say it was something of a revelation. Helen showed me the colours that really suited me and the colours that didn’t. This immediately made me realise why some of my lovely jackets did not make me feel that spectacular. The colour was wrong for my skin and so had the effect of draining me. Most importantly, she showed me the styles that suited me.

She then came to my home and went through my wardrobe, pairing items together, dispensing warm, welcoming and very useful advice on items of clothing that really would be better at home in a charity shop!

The net result of her help and guidance is that I have rediscovered my legs and you will now find me on stage in a lovely skirt coupled with a gorgeous jacket that I know really suits me; colour and style. I absolutely love the colour red despite being a redhead and had shied away from wearing red but Helen showed me the right shade; a real unexpected bonus of our time together.

So, would I recommend Helen? I absolutely would. If your style matters to you and you want to feel and look confident, invest in some of her magic just as I did. You and your style are intertwined and the right style makes you feel and look confident.

Dee Blick

Chartered Marketer & best-selling Author, The Marketing Gym

I was in a bit of a rut with my style and had lost some of my confidence in my ability to choose clothes to create the appropriate image. As I am often in the public eye, it is important to me that I feel confident myself and how I come across – first impressions really do count.

Helen has been fabulous and reassuring, right from the beginning. She spent time getting to know me and seeing the sorts of clothes I usually wear. I then spent a thoroughly enjoyable, indulgent day where I was just able to focus on me -something that never normally happens! Helen’s approach is supportive and direct so it was easy for me to understand what works for me and have a good clear out of clothes that weren’t doing me any favours. Her simple rules are easy to remember and apply and I’ve started enjoying getting dressed in the morning again.

Dr Amanda Gummer

Fundamentaly Children

I cannot say enough good things about Helen. It sounds a bit ridiculous to say that someone has changed your life but with Helen it is actually true.

Helen has helped me with colour and style analysis and also a wardrobe analysis. She is brilliant at helping to identify your style, how to wear colours and which items from your wardrobe go together – even with small details like jewellery and shoes.

The result is that I am so much happier about the way I look. My clothes and hair have changed quite a bit and are much more suited to my skin tone. I now have a good understanding of what suits me and how to put an outfit together. It’s also really nice to be able to walk into clothing shops and not waste time. It’s easy for me now to see what would suit me.

Whilst it’s lovely to be well dressed the real benefit comes from how you feel. Changing my look gave me a massive confidence boost both at work and in social situations. I am certain that this change in attitude has contributed to my professional success and consider Helen’s services to be an excellent investment.

Fiona Lowden

Tax Assist Accountants

I’ve have always loved clothes and my wardrobe backs that up! As I reach my 40th year I have felt something wasn’t right with me when I was putting on what I thought were lovely clothes and they just didn’t ‘feel’ right – I didn’t look myself. After a 1:1 session with Helen I feel like a weight has been lifted, now I get it!! Shopping is so much more pleasurable because I can acknowledge the lovely things and not buy them when I know they just aren’t right for me. I know my rules and they are personal to me. It’s beyond knowing body shape, it’s getting the whole picture and that’s exactly what you get with Helen. I am so glad I valued myself enough to make that investment. I’d recommend a personal session to every woman. Put yourself first and learn how to look and feel fabulous!!


Workout Facilitator

In my former job as a research scientist I always dressed smartly but it was very much a casual look, a look I continued with when I became self employed as therapist. With the growth of my practice I wanted to have a more professional look so I turned to Helen for help.

After my transformation day with Helen I have completely changed my look. I am now wearing colours and styles I would never have given a second look at before, and they really suit me! Helen gave me permission to go out and wear the more quirky clothes I have bought, but never had the confidence to actually go out and wear. She even persuaded me to have my long hair cut into a pixie style.

My confidence in what I am wearing has increased dramatically. I love my new colourful, quirky style and have had many complements from friends and clients alike. I now have the professional look I want to go out and promote my expanding therapy practice.

Annette Self

Wow has my attitude to shopping changed.
I now have a shape that means that I don’t need to take the only thing I can find that fits me…sort of…. but I have an intentional style and colour choice that means my discernment has gone up several notches.
I came home with two pairs of trousers that are the right colour for me and also are the right shape.

Marion Thomas

Extraordinary Project Management

We went shopping and the clothes I’ve got now – I absolutely LOVE them. It has been life-changing. Now I know what to look for, where to go, what works and what doesn’t. I feel reborn!

Helen got me to try on a dress that I would never have looked at. When I tried it on I thought: “That’s AMAZING!”. I’ve got things in my wardrobe that I can’t wait to put on again and I am so excited about going shopping in the winter to look for the next lot.

It was something that had to happen. I’m 44 and I can’t keep dressing in clothes that don’t suit me. I had nothing in my wardrobe that I felt comfortable with or passionate about.

It is really hard to be objective when you see yourself in the mirror and to know what suits you. How will you know which clothes are right for you unless someone teaches you?

Working with Helen was really fun. She gives you her full attention and meets you on your level so that she can work out exactly what you want. She is really knowledgeable and she really cares that you feel great about yourself.

Jo Pink

Working with Helen has been a real delight. I finally got the confidence to know what to wear in each occasion, what suits me and what doesn’t. I had a lot of fun and I feel that this was one of the best investment I ever made in myself

Moni Rodriguez

My tolerance for clothes shopping is minimal. It’s all that clutching an armful of stuff, half of which is not going to suit or fit, struggling in and out of your own clothes in hot changing rooms which should double up as sauna’s.

Well, I found Helen Reynolds – she’s my clothes fairy. Personal stylist, hunter of bargains, ruthless with budgets, holder of clothes, time saver, superb eye for the correct style, colour and fabric to make you look and feel like like a million dollars.

She’s created the perfect look for my business life, and she’s wonderful company. Best shopping trip I’ve had in years, booking her again for a Spring wardrobe update”

Elizabeth Calderera

The Wish Lady

My style was generally ok but sometimes outfits just didn’t work and I’d feel less confident about showing up in my life and work. My personal brand is integral to my business so I knew that if I wanted to uplevel my business growth then I needed to include me!
My remote transformation session with Helen was exactly what i was looking for and wow, it delivered beyond my expectations. I now feel totally aligned inside and out so I can show up as my authentic self with ease. I feel empowered to rock my own unique style and online shopping is suddenly a breeze.
With my own style blueprint, I know what works for me and it’s the best feeling!
I’ve also joined the style club because I know Helen’s thoughtful suggestions will gently push my comfort zone so I can truly be my most sparkly self!
Laura Coleman

Founder at Be Modern Meditation

Helen is awesome. Having the nickname ‘mismatch’ never bothered me but once I launched my own business and began to step into my own shoes without any façade or corporate cloak, I realised feelings attached to my clothes and most of them didn’t feel right!! It took me about 8 months of following Helen and reading her brilliant blogs to pluck up the courage and call her. I wish I had 20 years ago!! From that first call it was obvious she cares deeply about her clients, discovering who they are and what’s important to them, in a way that goes far beyond clothing….and then brings to life your personal style with an easy, simple and clear approach. With warmth, laughter, and loads of ongoing support my clothing is changing to suit the real me for any occasion. It’s so much easier to put outfits together and Helen is available for advice and questions. For the first time and after a lot of recycling the wrong stuff, the contents of my wardrobe feel like an asset!

Danielle Mensah

Award winning coach, strategist, speaker, QiDANchi

Working with Helen was just the catalyst I needed to step even more fully into showing up and shining bright. Looking back at our email conversations, I can see that I had worries and concerns about some of the things she suggested – that now feel totally normal! Helen could see options for me and ways I could express the true me in clothes that I hadn’t been able to see for myself.
I loved the whole process of working with Helen. She’s fun, funny and has so much wisdom about what works and why – as is always the case, now that I’ve learnt the ‘rules’, I can be so much more creative.
In the past I used to walk out of the front door, look down and think ‘woops’. But I didn’t know what I’d done wrong or how to fix it. That hasn’t happened since working with Helen.
I love my new clothes and the way they fit me – and I don’t just mean shape and size-wise – Helen helped me find the ability to express myself through the art of getting dressed!

Kate Wolf

Wild Voices

I booked a Transformation Session with Helen after enjoying the many useful tips gained in the free Wardrobe Reboot session a few months before, as well as the regular blogs received by email, with very practical and useful information. I wanted to learn more about what style of clothes really suited me, and to invest in less, but better quality clothes going forward.

It was lovely to gain more ideas about colours and fabrics that I felt truly comfortable in. Helen took the time to carefully consider what might suit me. I was also able to ask whatever questions I wanted, including getting ideas of new places to shop that I had been unaware of. We also discussed shoes, jewellery and make up.

Now I have a clearer idea of what is right for me, I am glad not to waste so much time on things that are not right, and enjoy looking for/keeping an eye out for items that I know will work, even if I have to wait to find them. I have a colour fan as well as a comprehensive report which were both sent to me afterwards, to enjoy reading and refer back to whenever needed.

It was a very enjoyable and great fun experience, where the knowledge I gained will last a lifetime.

Sarah Stokes

Shari Thompson

Marketing Miracle Maker, Green Jelly Marketing

Having recovered from a difficult period of illness, and subsequently made a career change, I wanted to review my wardrobe so it worked better for my new life. So I treated myself to a transformation session with Helen. Due to COVID-19, this happened remotely which was helpful as I could be in my own house and instantly pull out items I wanted her view on. I would not have taken so many items with me if I’d gone in person!

I felt an easy rapport with Helen over Zoom and she was able to instantly share with me online images of colours and items she suggested, so that we could be looking at the same thing at the same time. In advance of the session, she sent me a swatchbook of my colour palette so that I had this on hand and we could refer to it during the session.

Helen quickly got an idea of my style, personality and lifestyle, and was able to explain why some items I already owned didn’t feel entirely right. This has already proved invaluable and helped me let go of things without regrets. She also opened my eyes to looks that could work well for me in all areas of my life and gave me fresh ideas.

I’ve gained insight into shapes, styles, colours and scale of things that work well for me. Helen took into account particular personal factors which influence my choice of outfit, including specific footwear requirements. I like the fact that Helen focuses on developing a capsule wardrobe that all works together, rather than just buying stuff for the sake of it. She is also interested in looks that will work well in your everyday reality, rather than a fantasy version of your life.

After the session, Helen sends a Pinterest board and a style prescription so that you can begin looking for items to fill any gaps in your wardrobe. It’s been helpful to have her suggestions for different brands which can suit my style.

It took me a while to decide to book as I don’t often spend this amount of money on something for myself, but it has been worth it and given me guidance and ideas I needed, so there is a real value in it. It isn’t just about the clothing, Helen also gives feedback and encouragement about how you come across, which is eye opening and can change and improve how you perceive your image. She is an honest and kind cheerleader who knows her subject. It works very well remotely, so if you’re considering booking, go for it!

Sarah Roberts

Cognitive Hypnotherapist

‘I’d fallen out of love with clothes and fashion; nothing seemed to work together and I had less and less time to get my style sorted.

Finding Helen was a revelation! Her ability to immediately help source fabulous items and show me the potential to mix and match was worth every penny!

My shopping day was brilliant fun including lunch in a location that she knew I would love.

The icing on the cake was finding the shoes to fit as well! Something that I would have previously had to trawl shops for hours to find.

A simple, painless, wonderfully fun way to achieve a whole new look that I love!

Thanks so much to you Helen x’


Alison Sabine

Going to Helen’s house for a 1:1 session was like visiting a lifelong friend.  Helen immediately put me at ease and looked after me so well.  I have had weight and self-esteem issues pretty much the whole of my adult life and by the time I left I  felt a stone lighter and was on a complete HIGH.  I drove home relishing in all the good points I never knew I had.  That feeling is absolutely priceless!!

Before I’d even reached home Helen had emailed a report to me confirming everything we discussed, which is now my Bible for shopping. No more wasting money on rash purchases that end up at the charity shop a few months later. I’m still planning to lose weight and the minute  I’m where I want to be I’ll be straight back to Helen for a personal shopping session. I wish I’d known about her years ago.  Working with Helen is the best present you can give yourself.


Sarah Newman

I feel so much happier and more confident after seeing you today, I do see myself as fatter than I am and I walked out of Doodie feeling like I had been true to myself.  The purchases were so easy (too easy hehe) because I knew I’d got it right.  I’ve tried on loads of stuff in my wardrobe  with the new stuff and it all works now so I have gained LOADS of outfits.


Sarah Barker

I wanted to say a big thank you for the fab day I spent with you last month.

You well and truly re-ignited my interest in my wardrobe, and the process of sorting through what I already have (actually a lot of lovely clothes I’d been ignoring) and identifying what else I need has been good fun. Many purchases have been made!

People are starting to comment on the lovely colours I’m wearing. I’m even being complimented on losing weight – which I haven’t!

Mary McNeil

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this discovery into how to transform myself from the caterpiller into the butterfly and Helen has made the whole process extremely enjoyable. She knows her stuff and her passion for helping others shines through.

I only met Helen a short while ago but our shopping day together felt like we were old friends catching up and quite frankly the experience has felt like an amazing treat but also an essential part of who I am becoming. I can see this becoming an ongoing necessity. Many thanks

Kerry Beckingsdale

I had loads of clothes.  LOADS.  My wardrobe was full.  It was almost bursting.  I had plenty of handbags too.  And shoes.   And coats.  But I didn’t have ANYTHING to wear.  I rotated 3 work dresses and lived outside work in a self-imposed casual ‘uniform’ of Breton tops, navy jumpers and jeans.   Every time I decided to have a wardrobe clear out I would stare blankly at rails of clothes, telling myself I would probably wear them again sometime (if I just lost a few pounds and toned up post baby tummy).  All those must-have sale purchases and impulse buys, many still with tags.  So nothing got thrown out.  I felt irritated with myself for not ‘losing the baby weight or toning up’ and frustrated at the fact that I had a wardrobe full of clothes but no outfits.  I found shopping a chore.  I would only buy tops that went with jeans and never dreamt of wearing anything other than tops with jeans.

A dear school friend of mine had recently had the ‘Helen Treatment’.  Her style had changed so much, she seemed to have so much more confidence in herself and what she wore and just looked better (and younger) than ever.  She passed me Helen’s details and my journey from style rut to style makeover began!

Zoe Pemberton

Thank you SO much! I just can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our session. It’s not just that I’m really excited about starting to build up my new wardrobe but I also left feeling so much better about myself, more confident and ready to face the world again! Many thanks too for the Pinterest ideas – I love the colours and styles you’ve chosen. 

So a really joyous life enhancing morning! Thank you so much again.

Pam Fleming

I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful advice. I first attended your taster day up in town which gave me my first insight into how by applying your guidelines it is possible to enhance all aspects regarding your clothes. I have never been particularly interested in clothes or shopping and as I approach 50 had become disheartened by how I felt and looked. Your Transformation Day is very aptly named as the whole clothes experience has changed so dramatically since then for me.

Your report gives me clear advice and shopping has now become enjoyable and easy. And I had such fun on the day with you. You put me at my ease and was a gentle relaxed day.

On entering a store- or looking online- I now know in an instant those items that will suit me and those that are just not for me. I have become braver with my choices and am so pleased with the items that I have since bought. I do feel like a new woman!

I kept putting off buying new clothes as I kept hoping that I would lose some weight. I would urge everyone to take the time to do this as I am now enjoying a new found confidence about my older self. I do feel happier and energised which has a wonderful positive effect on so many aspects of life at work and at home too.

Personal Shopping Day – Denyse Eyles

I cannot enthuse enough about how successful my shopping day was.

I have always felt a kind of panic when buying clothes as I often felt awkward in the shops, and wished I was slimmer- and younger! I think I always felt that the fashion, clothes and shopping arena was just not my area and felt like a novice.

The shopping day with Helen was just a lovely calm peaceful day. I emailed Helen with possible items that I’d like -and then Helen and I met in Liberty’s cafe to say hello and develop a loose plan for the day.

We then sauntered around John Lewis selecting a few lovely pieces until we each had 6 items each in our baskets(all for me) and then I tried them on with Helen in the next cubicle to help. Helen has such an eye for choosing perfect items that just felt me. And absolutely no pressure . And I wan’t trying to squash myself into anything- all felt comfortable and yet so elegant. So many people have complimented me on the items. I think we all tend to stick with similar styles and types of clothes and shopping with Helen is such an eye opener and enables you to try a few different things.

I think my new clothes all feel such grown up clothes somehow and made me feel so much more self assured in the office and at home.

I enjoyed my winter shop so much that I’ve now booked a summer shopping day in May and feel really excited. And I find it reassuring to know that I don’t have to buy clothes in between. For me this is such a brilliant solution- and I do enjoy the day too.

Denise Eyles

After being at home with the children for 20 years my wardrobe was somewhat limited. I had been a fairly adventurous dresser in my youth and loved colour and style. However, life with 2 boys meant a lot of jumpers/T-shirts and jeans and very little need for dresses.

I began to go out more once the boys were older and started a business that required me to look smart for clients and speaking events, but of course I had nothing to wear!

I was pretty sure that I knew the colours that suited me best but was at a bit of a loss on style and shape. I often bought clothes that were great colours, but when I put them on at home I knew that there was something not quite right- I just didn’t know what.

After attending an amazing one day workshop with Helen that gave me some great ideas, I invested in a Transformation Day with her so that I could really find out what I should be buying. She took me through all the steps to enable me to look my best and not spend time and money on clothes that were never, ever going to look right on me.

I now feel much more confident when I go shopping and have purged my wardrobe of all the unsuitable items. I don’t particularly like shopping, so it’s great that it now takes me less time and I don’t make expensive mistakes. Thank you Helen, I wish I’d done it sooner.

Louise Cardon

The Queen of Calm, Louise Cardon

My transformation day experience has helped me be a lot more discerning when shopping.  I would often just buy stuff because I loved the look of it then not wear it because it just didn’t feel right on me after all.  I would spend ages trawling through websites or walking around shops trying things on.  I now have a set of loose guidelines I can follow on colour, style, scale etc. that has helped make the shopping process so much easier.  I have a new found confidence to check if an item fits my style rules or not.  I know the few things I’ve bought will be worn.  I’m also dressing for my shape and loving it!

Media Gyamtso

In my former job as a research scientist I always dressed smartly but it was very much a casual look, a look I continued with when I became self employed as therapist. With the growth of my practice I wanted to have a more professional look so I turned to Helen for help.

After my Transformation Day with Helen I have completely changed my look. I am now wearing colours and styles I would never have given a second look at before, and they really suit me! Helen gave me permission to go out and wear the more quirky clothes I have bought, but never had the confidence to actually go out and wear.  She even persuaded me to have my long hair cut into a pixie style.

My confidence in what I am wearing has increased dramatically. I love my new colourful, quirky style and have had many complements from friends and clients alike. I now have the professional look I want to go out and promote my expanding therapy practice.

Annette Self

The Food Addiction Doctor

Before I worked with Helen I had no confidence in what I wore for business. My background is in investment banking so the dress code was a no-brainer, I had to be suited and booted.

When I became self-employed I got stuck. The clothes I wore for business ended up being my regular clothes with a jacket thrown over the top to make me look smarter. I wanted to be able to differentiate between my off-duty style and my regular one but it never felt quite right. Nowadays that doesn’t worry me in the way it used to because I always feel good in what I am wearing. I feel authentic in my new style.

To be honest I was quite worried about working with Helen. I was afraid of facing up to some of the things I didn’t like about the way I look. I was worried about having to undress (I didn’t have to ) and honestly, I had a feeling that I was probably beyond help.

I have never been someone to get excited about clothes or make-up but I am now!  I didn’t even know that I didn’t feel confident until I compare the new me to how I used to feel. I had no idea how not wearing authentic styles affected the way I carried myself and the way I interacted with people. My new quirky style suits me and my personality and I love it.

Personal Shopping Day

I was amazed at how quickly Helen was able to find things that were exactly right for me. And I still managed to bring home loads of brilliant pieces that work well together and that are perfect for me and my lifestyle.

Helen gently encouraged me to try new styles and colours (indeed things that I wouldn’t have looked twice at before) and it was so exciting to see how well they suited me. Some of these have ended up being my favourite things to wear, and now I know what I can look for, and what I can ignore.

Shopping with Helen is an incredibly efficient way of restocking your wardrobe with pieces you love and look forward to wearing time and time again.

It was also a lot of fun!

Cathy Simmons

Cathy Simmons

Helen first worked with me on my style and wardrobe a number of years ago but somehow, business life and demands got in the way and I had felt I had become ‘stuck’ in my choice of clothes and style. Choosing weekend and holiday clothing became a dread, taking way too much time and had become a stressor. I decided to attend Helen’s latest Style Workshop to get some inspiration for business meetings and came away blown over with ideas and motivation for my personal life too! I realised that I needed help to ‘re-find’ me.

I decided to invest in a days personal shopping with Helen, and wow, what a great investment!

I have fallen in love with my wardrobe again, had a massive clear out of old clothes, have now got my ‘capsule’ in order and… have got a new, fun hairstyle which has received many compliments from both clients and friends! And, packing for a weekend away is simple and quick!

Thank you Helen- you provide a life changing service.

Liz Marks

Pilates Evolved

My Transformation Day was a revelation. Helen really helped me focus in on my style, shape and scale; and reignited my confidence in clothes. It has made such a difference. Over the last couple of weeks I have been putting her recommendations into practice. My wardrobe may be smaller, but now everything works for me not against me. No more costly mistakes! I would recommend Helen to every woman who has lost her way in the world of fashion

Zoe Wilson

Helen’s passion and talent for what she does comes across the minute you meet her! The fact that she even has her yoga wardrobe in her colours I think says it all in terms of dedication! Having used Helen personally and worked with her when presenting I would happily recommend Helen to anyone whi is ready to invest in themselves!

Laura Squires

Consortium Business Solutions

Just a quick one to say thank you so much, yesterday was literally life changing, I’ve got dressed so easily this morning beige trousers and white sleeveless top with blue shirt in case I get cold, absolute heaven! I’ve such an amazing choice now and you’ve got me back into colour!!!

Thankyou!!!!! Xxxxxx


Having my colours and image analysed by Helen at has completely changed how I think about my wardrobe. Now I know the colours and styles that suit me, I have the confidence to put flattering outfits together both from clothes in my current wardrobe, and when I’m out looking for new pieces in the shops.

I no longer panic and stress about what to wear in the mornings, throwing clothes in piles behind me. I really enjoy choosing which outfit I’m going to wear and clothes and make-up have become interesting and fun.
Having my wardrobe assessed by Helen has been a total revelation! I have happily parted with some pieces, which I now know, haven’t been flattering me at all, and at the same time Helen has shown me how to put some fantastic outfits together using, in many cases, clothes that I haven’t worn in years. I’ve found I’ve got a great new wardrobe without spending huge amounts on new clothes!
Fantastic – every girls dream!!

Jo Abraham

I cannot begin to express how delighted I am that I decided to invest in your services. I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical before the    process began.

I believe that if you make the decision to go down this road, then you have to take the advice given and embrace the process.

I have received so many compliments since taking your advice, from how lovely my hair looks (changed a few shades following your advice) to ‘gosh haven’t you lost weight’ – no, not an ounce! This is all down to taking the advice given. About what to wear and how to wear it.

Helen also accompanied me on a shopping trip to Bluewater. This is a must! I now have clothes in my wardrobe that can be worn together, and thanks to Helen’s knowledge of who can supply boots for awkward (normal) shaped legs, a wonderful pair of knee high leather boots.

I have so much more confidence now, the whole experience has changed how I feel about myself.

Thank you Helen!!

Shirley Price

Yes Promo Products

I regularly speak in front of large and small audiences and I’m always being judged on what I wear. It’d be lovely if that wasn’t the case but unfortunately it is. I needed to rebrand my image for a new business launch and I was recommended to Helen.

What she has done for me has been absolutely phenomenal. I feel so at home in my new colours and she’s helped me to redefine my style. It turns out my true style is pretty slouchy and comfortable so I was worried about how we could translate that to professional and polished on the stage.

Having spent the day shopping with Helen I now see that it IS possible. What we have put together is absolutely fantastic and I know that I‘m going to step up on stage and feel totally at home, totally myself and totally the new version of myself that I want to project to the world.

As a speaker you wish you didn’t have to worry about what you wear but people do judge books by their covers. So if like me you’re not expert at it already, I highly recommend working with Helen.

Justyna Nowicka

When I met Helen I was in a real rut.  I used to love fashion but over the years the pounds had piled on and off and on again and I had lost my way fashion-wise.  My one criteria I’m ashamed to say became ‘does it fit’.

Helen has given me the confidence to try again.  She has given me some very simple basic rules to follow and guess what – they work!  I can’t believe the difference an understanding of sleeve length has made!  Once you know these rules it’s almost impossible to ignore them.

Dresses and clothes that were supposedly the right shape but I still didn’t feel good in I can now see had a wrong neckline or sleeve length or overall length for me.  I could never understand that before.

Confidence is such a valuable commodity and it’s allowing me to take the sort of fashion risks I was taking 25 years ago and i’m loving it!  I’m still experimenting but watch this space!

Sarah Miller

I would just like to say how enjoyable and informative my consultation with you was on the 15th March.  I had so many ideas to take away with me and have already coloured my hair, leaving the ‘red’ behind!

I have also worn an item of clothing I had in the wardrobe (from the Winter colour collection), which I wasn’t sure about before.  However, I have had so many compliments on the colour and how it suits me, it really does make such a difference!

I have an appointment, today, with the optician for a general check-up which was long overdue.  I shall definitely be changing the frames and very much look forward to the new look – based on your reading glasses!!

Rachel Creedy

Your energy and presence carries a lot of deep innate wisdom that comes out in the work that you do. It was wonderful to watch and experience the way you invite what is already present within in me to come forward. The framework of the process helps the left brain make sense of all the data while the heart gets to experience what feels true. Love it!! Coming home I felt truly inspired. Last night, I went through my wardrobe. The items identified as needing to find a new home are now ready to be handed over to charity. Thank you for introducing me to a fuller version of “me!

Maria Baeck

Chief Wholeness Officer – Making the Invisible Visible

A truly informative, enjoyable, women only, fun filled day (with fab food) @ The Waldorf, unreservedly rubber stamped my great choice to book a Styling day, with Helen, at her home.

It was her words ” everything you wear, ought to love you back” & “wear your best clothes daily” …. that lead to an insightful, inspiring, engaging, enjoyable, ‘style-over’ with Helen, exclusively for myself.

New perspectives on colours, cloths, cuts, combinations, sassy styles, hair & make-up too.

I also joined ‘The Style Club’ that gives regular, style tips, bespoke personalised online & shops to visit, what to buy, for your style, size & colour palate, plus all the great sales offers, personalised to you.

I can’t recommend Helen enough – she’s great, her service is great, resulting in one feeling even greater.

Great, ongoing appreciation, Helen Reynolds

Rosaleen Gold

Inspiring females over 45, to be naturally healthy, happy & fabulously fit

I loved working with Helen – she clearly knows her stuff. After a tough year emotionally, the time with Helen was the final piece in my jigsaw and I love the new “me”!

Judith Andrews

I had Helen’s VIP treatment, and couldn’t possibly thank her enough for it. I had never found shopping for clothes easy. In fact, I dreaded it. But 4 days with Helen, and I know exactly what to look for.

It takes a lot less time and I rarely have to return something. I don’t waste time looking at the shapes and colours that don’t suit me and just know what works. I now know why some clothes I liked and bought never got worn. I no longer waste money buying those.

The four days were really enjoyable. Helen explains everything really well and it was a real treat to have her taking me through the shops on the third day.

I would strongly recommended the Helen treatment.

Thank you Helen.

Muriel Bouvier

Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Last month Helen took me shopping and we had an absolutely brilliant day together – it was like shopping with an old friend! I bought a capsule spring/summer wardrobe and completely love everything we chose.

I’ve just packed for a four day trip to Rome and it was the most enjoyable, stress-free packing experience I’ve ever had. I was easily able to put together 7 mix & match outfits, both day and evening, into a cabin bag weighing 7kgs. I’m looking forward to wearing every piece and want to thank Helen from the top to the bottom of my heart for helping me feel happy, confident and my best me.

Thank you, Candice x.

Candice Johnson

Psychotherapist and Supervisor

What a joy that was today. So lovely to meet you and work with you. I’ve got a spring in my step – how wonderful! So pleased I checked my season with you. Now I can truly herald the spring and try exciting new things.

I really appreciate your knowledge and generosity Helen. Thank you so much for the valuable information, for the lipstick links and the other shopping links too. So helpful.

Kate Gowar


Following a fantastic day with Helen, for my Birthday back in November, I was Super excited to spend the day together again shopping our socks off!

Becoming a single mum at a fairly young age, I fell into a real rut Style wise, being on such a budget I rarely prioritised any money for me, this really caused my confidence level to spiral downwards, especially as I have a super curvy figure and not knowing how to dress had meant I had felt much bigger than my true size 10/12 frame!

Helen has opened my eyes to a whole new world of colour (I’ve hidden in ‘slimming’ Black for far too long) and shape, and has even gone as far as to guide me with scale of print and jewellery choices too.

Our shopping day was brilliant, we discussed a brief of items I needed help with, and how much I could spend beforehand, and upon my arrival (a few minutes late thanks to the ever so ‘reliable’ trains) Helen had already hand picked an array of gorgeous items and had them ready for me in the changing room!

We achieved so much in a matter of minutes, that by myself, would usually take ages and be a demoralising journey, relentlessly trying on things and feeling larger and less attractive the more changing rooms I’d enter, but with Helen everything I tried on I felt slimmer, more confident and dare I say it super stylish! Everything from the fresh new hues Helen had me in, to the shapely silhouette that seemed almost sculpted before my eyes, I was beaming with confidence again, and not only that……we came in under budget!

A tiny £275 was all I’d been able to spare and when you think I got a season versatile Mac, a faux suede biker style jacket (again pretty perfect for all seasons) a faux suede water fall jacket (perfect for chucking in a bag as an extra layer as it won’t crease!) a gorgeous wrap around silky blouse, another statement blouse, and a killer skirt that makes me feel a million dollars (that got me the title ‘Style Hero’ at the checkout!) and a pair of beautiful earrings, Helen is a Superstar Shopper and a Confidence boosting Queen to boot!

I feel renewed and would highly recommend Helen to anyone, we had such a fun day together and I love all my new bits, I can’t wait to wear them all 🙂

Alison Harpin

The Beauty Cabin

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