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I’ve been blessed to work with fabulous women of all ages, sizes and from all walks of life. Read some of their stories below and learn more about how I helped them to find and fall in love with their own unique sense of style.

Working with Helen was just the catalyst I needed to step even more fully into showing up and shining bright.

Looking back at our email conversations, I can see that I had worries and concerns about some of the things she suggested – that now feel totally normal! Helen could see options for me and ways I could express the true me in clothes that I hadn’t been able to see for myself.

I loved the whole process of working with Helen. She’s fun, funny and has so much wisdom about what works and why – as is always the case, now that I’ve learnt the ‘rules’, I can be so much more creative.

In the past I used to walk out of the front door, look down and think ‘woops’. But I didn’t know what I’d done wrong or how to fix it. That hasn’t happened since working with Helen.

I love my new clothes and the way they fit me – and I don’t just mean shape and size-wise – Helen helped me find the ability to express myself through the art of getting dressed!


Spirited Business Ltd

Helen is awesome. Having the nickname ‘mismatch’ never bothered me but once I launched my own business and began to step into my own shoes without any façade or corporate cloak, I realised feelings attached to my clothes and most of them didn’t feel right!! It took me about 8 months of following Helen and reading her brilliant blogs to pluck up the courage and call her. I wish I had 20 years ago!!

From that first call it was obvious she cares deeply about her clients, discovering who they are and what’s important to them, in a way that goes far beyond clothing…. and then brings to life your personal style with an easy, simple and clear approach.

With warmth, laughter, and loads of ongoing support my clothing is changing to suit the real me for any occasion.

It’s so much easier to put outfits together and Helen is available for advice and questions. For the first time and after a lot of recycling the wrong stuff, the contents of my wardrobe feel like an asset!


Award winning coach, strategist, speaker, QiDANchi

My style was generally ok but sometimes outfits just didn’t work and I’d feel less confident about showing up in my life and work. My personal brand is integral to my business so I knew that if I wanted to uplevel my business growth then I needed to include me!

My remote transformation session with Helen was exactly what i was looking for and wow, it delivered beyond my expectations.

I now feel totally aligned inside and out so I can show up as my authentic self with ease. I feel empowered to rock my own unique style and online shopping is suddenly a breeze.

With my own style blueprint, I know what works for me and it’s the best feeling!
I’ve also joined the style club because I know Helen’s thoughtful suggestions will gently push my comfort zone so I can truly be my most sparkly self!

Laura Coleman
Founder at Be Modern Meditation


Founder at Be Modern Meditation

I’ll never forget your session. It has given me bags of confidence when shopping for clothes. Every time I show up for clients I know I’m wearing what I look good in and this takes me to a high vibrational energy and they feed off that. So thank you Helen.

I can’t really express properly in words how grateful I am to you and your amazing talents.


I hate shopping. I remember going out with friends and buying anything just so we could leave; and I always felt frumpy afterwards. Since our day with you I’ve picked one item each week to build my confidence, and every one of them was lovely. So today I took the plunge. Into one shop and 45 minutes later I’m out with 3 outfits, every single one of which makes me feel FABULOUS. I cannot tell you what a gift it is to know I get to wake up tomorrow and have a whole selection of clothes that can be mixed together in creative, confident ways to bring out the me I’m feeling that day.

Thank you so much.


I’d been thinking about working with a style consultant for a while, but was apprehensive about being judged or told exactly what to wear and what not to wear without any consideration of my lifestyle, job or personality. I needn’t have worried at all as right from the first moment that I spoke with Helen, I felt excited and knew that I had made the right choice to work with her.

From the very beginning of the session, Helen immediately put me at ease and it was like speaking with a friend!

Helen listened very attentively, and very quickly understood me and my lifestyle, which meant that all of her advice and wisdom was tailored to me and how to get the best from my wardrobe. In particular, I found it really helpful to bring along a few pieces from my wardrobe that didn’t feel quite right, as we were then able to unpick why they didn’t quite work for me. I left the session walking on air and so excited to get home and work on my wardrobe!

My Style Blueprint was absolutely brilliant, and I loved the Moonsift style board too. I’ve bought quite a few items that Helen recommended, and feel so happy and confident in them. I’ve discovered so many fabulous new brands and am wearing colours that I never would have considered previously. I especially love the Whistles collarless ivory jacket – perfect for work, and much more flattering for me than bright white.

Thank you so much Helen. It was a brilliant experience, and I’m so grateful for your support and encouragement.




Managing Director, Zen Communications


Marketing Miracle Maker, Green Jelly Marketing


Founder, One of Many


Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer & Coach

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