Staying cool

  1. Keep your Hair frizz free

If, like me, your hair is dry and prone to frizz, I have two fab things to try. Firstly, a quick fix is simply using a hair treatment such as John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Mask. This product is cheap, effective and quick and easy to use. We like that.

For a longer lasting smooth mane, consider investing in a Kerastraight Treatment ( a type of Brazillian blow dry).  I’ve been having this long-lasting treatment about twice a year in my local salon for….well, years. And it has made my hair a whole lot more manageable. If you colour your hair, wait until after the treatment.

  1. ‘Barely there’ make-up.

I don’t like to wear much make up on a hot and sticky day and definitely don’t go near foundation on holiday. I’ve purchased a great tinted SPF in Boots that I use for work days when I need to look more groomed (otherwise it’s just a face full of SPF 50). I’m loving the suncream from La Roche Posay (available in Boots), its a great range for sensitive skin.

  1. Gradual tan

I like a gradual tanning body moisturiser. I have quite pale and delicate skin so a full on tanning product can look very fake. I’m loving this product by Palmers for a gradual build up and natural looking colour on my arms, chest and legs.

  1. Go nude.

I’m talking underwear…white bras and knickers WILL show under white clothes. Find a nude tone that best matches your own skin tone and stay classy.

  1. Choose natural fabrics

I didn’t used to be fussy about the fabrics I wore and focussed more on the cut and the colour but as the years have gone by (and my hormones have been making themselves more known), I’m ALL over 100% cotton, linen and cupro. Breathable fabrics on a stifling hot day are now my only option and it makes SUCH a lovely difference.

  1. Loose fabrics

Its common sense really, but I’m amazed at how many women are still wearing jeans on these boiling hot days. The looser the fit, the more breeze potential. What more can I say?

  1. TLC for the feet

If you are wearing open toe or backless sandals, please give your feet some TLC. At the very least show them a foot file and have neat toe nails. At best, go for a gel pedicure. Your toes will look gorgeous for weeks. I’m loving very pale nails at the moment. It’s a lovely, up-to-date and summery look.

  1. Spritz your face

I discovered face sprays a few years back and oh my goodness, they are glorious. Keep them in the fridge, then transfer to your handbag on your way out of the door. A quick spray here and there throughout the day will keep you beautifully cool.

  1. Save plastic. Carry a reusable water bottle

I bought one of these for myself and my children. We fill them up and take them everywhere with us. Bogi bottles keep water cool for up to 24 hours! And the water always tastes clean and fresh.

  1. Swap your black handbag

I like to swap out my dark coloured handbags for lighter colours in the summertime. Tan goes well with most colours, straw bags are very fashionable right now and something in a cheery colour screams summertime. Give your black bag a rest until Autumn.

What are your favourite keeping cool hacks? Please leave me a comment and let me know. We can all learn from each other!


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