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My first solo shopping trip

I take the number 10 bus into Leeds city centre, on my own. My precious notes safely stored in my shiny purse. My clothing allowance is a new grown-up privilege now I’m 13 and becoming more and more bothered about what I will and won’t wear.

Those boring trips to M&S with my mum are to become a thing of the past. With no fitting rooms for kids in those days, I remember hopping around on one foot, trying on the totally lame childrenswear that I hated.

And trying to hide between the clothes on the racks on the shop floor to avoid being seen in a state of undress. Those clattering ugly plastic hangers so loud in my ears. Always feeling SO embarrassed and resentful.

I head towards the thumping beats coming from Chelsea Girl, so very excited that I can finally fit into their smallest size. The windows filled with colour, fun and inspiration.

Goodbye kids clothes, hello style freedom!

Shopping alone allows me to focus. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping with my friends – another new pastime now I’m ‘so’ grown-up. But shopping on my own means proper time to seek out what I really love.

A pair of yellow and black jersey trousers catch my eye. SO different. SO cool. I select a pair. But what would go with? More yellow of course. A batwing jersey top and OH my, a wide yellow belt to wear low slung across my hips!


I head towards the crowded communal dressing room (remember those?) and try on the new attire.

Wow! No longer boring. I am a TEEN.

A teen that will only ever wear cool and fun outfits from now on.

I pay for my yellow outfit and head home on the bus, an energy and excitement fizzing through my entire body. Times have changed.

From this day forth, I am dressing as ME!

Little did I know that this day was the beginning of my journey to support women to feel fabulous in their clothes. Giving them the knowledge and confidence they need in order to take their personal style to the next level, without pretending to be something they are not.

I see your style as your packaging. And when it makes you feel amazing, you show the world who you really are.

And I’d love to hear about your own style stories! Can you remember your first shopping trip?! Do share with me in the comments below.

Helen x


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