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Whether you’ve bought and wrapped all your Christmas gifts already, so that you can kick back and enjoy the run up to the big day, or you haven’t even started yet, this blog is for you.

In my family, we discuss what we’d each love to receive – and sometimes we are very specific. This works for us because it means that we can buy with confidence and each receive something we truly love and are excited to own.

We all know that awful feeling of unwrapping a gift and having to fake pleasure at receiving a replacement bottle of a perfume you were pleased to have finished because you didn’t much like the scent…and now you’ve got a huge new bottle that’s going to take forever to get through! Or, people buying you clothes they think you’d like, or that they’d like to see you in… no, thank you!

Today, I thought I’d share my best gifts ever received to either inspire you for gift ideas for others or, to drop hints to anyone who is stuck with what to gift you this year.

Some of these gifts were total surprises and others are things I’d asked for and would happily receive every year!

I’d love you to add your own favourite gifts in the comments too. The more ideas, the better.


1. Cashmere bed socks

I can’t remember whether the first pair I ever received was a surprise or a request but I love receiving a fresh pair at Christmas. If, like me you enjoy luxury and comfort, or you know someone else that does – I can’t recommend these soft and cosy socks highly enough.

Mine are all from The White Company but I hear great things about the cashmere socks from Arket too.

The White Company Cashmere Bed Socks


2. neom candles and room scents

I particularly love Neom as a brand because all the fragrances are natural (and therefore won’t disrupt your hormones). I received a ‘mini-pod’ for my birthday in October and it fills my small office with the most gorgeous scent.


Neom Pod Mini Starter Pack


3. an illuminating magniFying mirror

This gift was a surprise from my husband and not something I was that interested in ever owning…until I did. My goodness. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s not only great for make-up application, but also essential for spotting those rogue chin hairs!


Simplehuman Dual Light Sensor Mirror



4. A lumie Sunrise alarm clock

This is the second sunrise clock I’ve had. The first had an in-built scent diffuser which kept breaking so I’ve replaced it with a simpler version which to be honest, is just fine. I love waking up gradually with the gently increasing light. A lovely way to start my day.


Lumie Sunrise Alarm


5. hand cream

I love pretty much any hand cream and like to have them scattered around the house, as well as in my handbag. My old favourite is Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Balm, but more recently I’ve been loving this gorgeous sustainable hand lotion from this wonderful small company, Taylor Made Therapies. I always have a bottle on my desk to keep my hands wonderfully soft and smelling delicious as I work away.


Taylor Made Therapies 22nd Hand Lotion


I hope this blog has been useful for you – please add your own favourite gifts in the comments and add to these ideas.

Happy Shopping!

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