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My only event of the year, and the cornerstone of my one-woman mission to eliminate the stress of getting dressed:

Get Your Style Sorted: A One-Day Masterclass

Saturday 13th May 2017

10am – 5pm

The Amba Hotel, Charing Cross, London

What is ‘Get Your Style Sorted – A One-Day Masterclass’?

Getting dressed for the day should NOT be stressful. The clothes you wear should NOT make you feel frumpy, out of place or inauthentic. Your confidence should NOT be at an all-time low, simply because you’ve never got to grips with which clothes suit your body shape.

I created this event in 2013 to help women leave all this behind and develop the killer confidence that comes from having your personal style SORTED!

I will teach you how to choose clothes that make you look and feel amazing. I will reveal the secrets that well-dressed women already know. And, I will eliminate the stress of not knowing what to wear, so that you can get on with living your life.

Join me at this one-day event for an INSTANT style reboot.

Why Should You Attend?

  • You are sick of feeling bad about your appearance.
  • You are concerned that you aren’t dressing right for your age or job.
  • You aren’t confident about how you look and it’s preventing you from doing the things you want to do.
  • You’ve wasted pots of money ‘panic-shopping’ for a holiday or an event, or buying clothes that are not really ‘you’.
  • You want mornings to be easier!

For women, how we look is so wrapped up with our confidence. It shouldn’t be the case. It’s not fair, but, it’s a fact. When you feel bad on the outside, you can’t be your true, authentic self. You don’t have to slavishly follow fashion, or buy expensive clothes to feel the confidence that comes from wearing clothes that suit your colouring and body shape.

Join me for just one day and I’ll show you how you can put a stop to these negative feelings and issues forever!

What you will learn?

  • The secret to developing your own authentic style so that you are always going to know which clothes will make you look and feel amazing.
  • My recipe for using accessories as a secret weapon for flattering your body and giving a wow-factor to your outfits.
  • How to dress for your particular body shape, so that you always look as though you have lost a few pounds!
  • The key items you must have for the perfect capsule wardrobe. Having this sorted makes dressing a doddle.
  • How to use different clothing types to add interest to your look, develop a personal style and never feel frumpy again!
  • 3 quick tricks to feeling more body confident that have a massive impact.
  • How to instantly look taller and slimmer.
  • 4 secrets that define which jewellery suits you best.
  • 5 ways to wear a scarf that won’t make you look like your Nan.
  • How your hair colour can make or break your outfit.
  • How to love shopping again. When you learn what I know, you can shop quickly and efficiently and find the pieces that suit you most, so you always come home with something you love.
  • How to make the very best of what you’ve got.

Not only that, but you also get to spend the day with an incredible array of inspiring women, who all want to solve the same problem.

Start thinking about who you might want to bring with you because there’s a special deal when you bring a friend along too!

The Time and Place

The Amba Hotel

The Strand, London, WC2N 5HX

Saturday 13th May 2017

10am until 5pm

Click here for details and directions

All your drinks, snacks and a delicious buffet lunch are included in the price.

About Me

Before I trained as an Image Consultant, I felt had the same stress points about clothing. If a stunning dress looked awful on me, I thought it was me that was wrong, my body wasn’t right, I wasn’t pretty enough, or cool enough to wear it.

These assumptions had such a damaging effect on the way I felt about myself!

My confidence rocketed when I finally realised that I just hadn’t ever learned to choose the right clothes. I developed my own personal style rules and now worrying about what to wear is never an issue. I want to teach you how to do this too!

What’s it like?

Here’s what past attendees have said about the Masterclass:

“Helen is captivating and inspiring.”

“I really enjoyed the day and understanding that however we feel about ourselves, someone else is feeling the same.”

“A great day, very informative, engaging and fun, even for someone with no previous fashion knowledge.”  

“A great motivator for looking at one’s wardrobe with new eyes and re-evaluation.”

“Fun, relaxed and friendly.”

“We felt elegant, pampered and valued.”  

“When is the next one?” 

The Price

If you are thinking about coming, please, please, get your ticket as soon as you can, because there are some MEGA-bonuses for booking early.

As well as a day packed full of learning, your ticket price includes:

  • All refreshments
  • A delicious, three-course buffet lunch
  • My ‘Get-set, Go! worksheets’ (so you can start sorting your clothes as soon as you get home!)
  • Instant access to The Style Place. The very special Facebook group that I reserve only for my clients. This is where we share our latest style finds, discount codes for our favourite shopping destinations, and I answer questions and dish out regular advice to the network of incredible women who have become my clients over the years.

ticket price  £199.00

PLUS: A special bonus! The first TEN ladies who sign up to join me at this event will receive a copy of my new, hot off the press, home learning video: “Good Jeans: find the most flattering pair for your body shape.”

PLUS: For as long as I have tickets available, I’ll be running my special ‘Buy 1, Bring a Friend For Half Price’ offer.

Special discount offer for two tickets: £298.50
So that’s only £149.25 each!

Before attending Helen’s workshop I had been feeling uncomfortable and unconfident in my clothes after putting on weight but since then I feel better and better each time I get dressed. I have to confess, when I first got home from the workshop my heart sank when I looked at my wardrobe, but then I remembered what Helen said: the problem not me and my body but the clothes themselves. Over the next few days and weeks I found ways to get more creative with my wardrobe so that I could make the most of the clothes I already had. I also saved time and money when I went shopping as I was less inclined to make impulse purchases and I didn’t waste time in the changing rooms trying on things that I knew wouldn’t suit me because now I know why certain clothes don’t suit me. I am also enjoying playing with accessories that I would previously not have considered now that I know what works for me.  I find myself feeling confident when I walk into a room more often than I did before because I am less worried about what I am wearing and I think that is reflected in my conversations when networking for my business and meeting new people socially. It feels great – thanks Helen!

Sara Stafford-Williams

I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful advice. I first attended your taster day up in town which gave me my first insight into how by applying your guidelines it is possible to enhance all aspects regarding your clothes. I have never been particularly interested in clothes or shopping and as I approach 50 had become disheartened by how I felt and looked. Your Transformation Day is very aptly named as the whole clothes experience has changed so dramatically since then for me.

Your report gives me clear advice and shopping has now become enjoyable and easy. And I had such fun on the day with you. You put me at my ease and was a gentle relaxed day.

On entering a store- or looking online- I now know in an instant those items that will suit me and those that are just not for me. I have become braver with my choices and am so pleased with the items that I have since bought. I do feel like a new woman! I kept putting off buying new clothes as I kept hoping that I would lose some weight. I would urge everyone to take the time to do this as I am now enjoying a new found confidence about my older self. I do feel happier and energised which has a wonderful positive effect on so many aspects of life at work and at home too.

Denyse Eyles

All your drinks, snacks and a delicious lunch are included in the price.

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