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Living in a country where the weather is often unpredictable, I see a coat or jacket as almost the most important part of your outfit. Not only is it a practical purchase, keeping you warm and dry, it’s also the first thing people see when you turn up to an event and is part of the first impression you make.

Use this blog as an excuse to have an edit of your outerwear and see where your gaps are.


A LIghtweight Jacket

This is a useful coat to own for those days when it’s not quite warm enough to go without, but you may well end up taking it off and carrying it later in the day.

Yours might be plain in colour and easy to throw over any print or bolder colour you are wearing. Or it may be one of the gorgeous quilted styles that are popular this season.


Hush Andy Quilted Printed Jacket, Ecru/Multi

Hush Willa Lightweight Jacket, Washed Green

If these styles don’t feel right for your style, consider denim, soft leather, linen or even jersey. Saint & Sofia have some fabulous biker-style jackets in softer, lighter fabrics.


Saint & Sofia Sutton Jacket – Cream Bouclé

a summer raincoat

Whether you opt for a totally waterproof coat or at the very least something showerproof, it’s great to have something stylish to wear on a drizzly (or worse) summer’s day.

Your lifestyle will dictate whether you need a smart version or a casual one (or both) so I’ve included options for you here.

I’m forever recommending a brand called Protected Species who produce 100% waterproof coats in different styles and shapes. I added yet another style into my collection last year and am enjoying having a shorter, more casual style as an alternative to my smarter ones.


Protected Species Waterproof City Walker

If you need a smarter version, Protected Species also do a mac style which comes in 6 colours.

Protected Species Waterproof Mac


Your body type will determine the shape of coat or jacket that feels best. If you’ve long lusted after a smart trench style coat but feel like a sack of spuds whenever you try one, have a look at something straighter cut. This one from John Lewis comes in navy and khaki too.


John Lewis A-Line Mac, Stone

If you are only going to have one new coat this summer, I’d suggest it is something along these lines (a longer mac or trench). The only exception is if you have a very casual style and don’t ever need or want to look smart. Longer line coats like this work equally well over jeans or combats as they do over smarter dresses and suits and in my opinion are a great long-term investment.


and finally

Aside from deciding on which smartness level you need, also pay attention to the length of jacket that’ll work best for the outfits you tend to wear. I like to have a shorter option for over summer dresses and wide leg trousers and a longer line one for slim leg jeans and trousers.

Brightly coloured or highly patterned coats and jackets are great fun but can be harder to style. I’d suggest that bringing one of these in to your wardrobe is a good idea only when you’ve got a neutral option already.

I hope that was helpful. Did you identify what’s missing from your coat collection? Leave me a comment and let me know.

P.S. I’m not affiliated with any of the brands I feature, I just love to share what I see.

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