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I’m a sucker for a good coat. In fact, I consider a coat to be a VITAL part of any autumn/winter outfit.

What’s the point in getting dressed into a fabulous outfit, that you’ve taken care to pick out and accessorise and then bung your old scruffy anorak over the top?

At this time of year, your coat often IS the outfit (as well as boots, accessories…) so let’s pay your coat wardrobe some attention.

In my opinion most people will do well to have these 3 coat categories covered:

1. A warm wool coat.

2. A casual, super warm coat.

3. A super-glam coat.


And, if I was to add in a 4th option, it would be a lighter coat for those unseasonably warm autumn days – but I’m guessing you’ve got that covered if you live in the UK – this will be your lightweight summer coat (a Mac is a good option).

So, today I’m sharing some of my favourite options – coats I’ve been looking at for my clients and ones I’d be buying if I didn’t already own too many myself.


1. A warm wool coat

If you only had one coat category covered, it should be this one. In theory, with one good woollen coat you could look and feel stylish for the whole season. For versatility, choose a neutral colour – you can use scarves to add colour and interest. A ¾ or longer length means it’s more likely to work over trousers, dresses, skirts or all lengths and keep your bottom warm. A coat like this would work over jeans, joggers and trainers or a smart dress or trouser suit. And finally, a good wool coat will last you for years if not a lifetime.

A belted wrap coat is a nice idea for anyone with a waist. You’ll know whether you suit this style, you either looked cinched in – or like a sack of spuds (I’m the latter). This classic coat comes in a few different colours including a delicious gingery camel, (which is low in stock so I didn’t dare risk sharing it) but a dark navy would work over everything and is a nice alternative to black.


A warm wool coat


2. A Casual Coat

This is less smart than a wool coat and more suitable to every-day running around, school runs, dog walking and would look great thrown over any casual outfit. But I don’t want you to mistake ‘casual’ with ‘scruffy’. If your every-day coat has seen better days, maybe it’s time to upgrade? Remember your coat IS your outfit in many instances and although you might wish this wasn’t the case. The way you dress is showing the world who you are and how you see yourself.

There are almost too many casual options for me to be able to pick one to show you. From puffas to parkas to Teddy coats – we are spoilt for choice this year. Just make sure you check the washing instructions. This kind of coat needs to be practical and easy to take care of. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of waterproof coats around this year too. Throwing a hood on and ditching the brolly is quite appealing when you’ve got a load of bags, children, people who need an arm or dogs to juggle. (This one isn’t waterproof but looks so much like a cosy duvet, I couldn’t resist including it.)  For waterproof, check out this new one by Protected Species that I’ve acquired since dog walking is a new part of my life, or this one by Rains for a super-stylish spend-y option.


A Casual Coat

HUSH Sadie Parka

3. A super- glam coat

Now that we are back to socialising and going out out a bit more, this is a fun category to make sure you have covered. Forget practicality (and warmth if you’ll only ever be outside for a nano second as you step out of a taxi) and choose something that really speaks to your taste and style.

I’ve had a faux fur evening coat for years and years now and although I don’t wear it very often, it always makes me feel super-glam when I throw it on.

Your super-glam coat might be a coloured or textured dress coat, an elegant black satin number, a leather trench, or like mine – something furry and fabulous.


A Super-Glam Coat

Whistles Faux Fur Coat
£159 £249


So, I hope that’s given you some food for thought. Which categories do you have covered and is there now something new on your autumn wish list? Remember, a coat is a long-term investment, so choose well and enjoy it for many years to come.

Leave me a comment and let me know!

I’ll be sharing some more coat ideas to suit all budgets in my free Facebook group, The Style Place, so do come on over if you haven’t already.

Helen x

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