In my work, as a Personal Style Consultant, I love to inspire you to discover your true style and have your outfits reflect your brilliance. I know that when you feel great in your clothes, you show up in a bigger braver way and have more fun.

A big part of this is wardrobe management. When your wardrobe is over-stuffed, it’s difficult to see what you have and you’re likely to just wear the same few outfits on rotation, rather than get experimental with some of the other fabulous pieces that you’ve forgotten are even in there.

…A quick aside. Early next year, I’ll be running my fabulous ‘Wardrobe Reboot Experience’ for you. This is hands-down the most popular event I run and the good news is, it’s free to get involved. If you’ve been through this process before, you’ll know how satisfying and empowering it can be. Look out for details on how to register for that in January. The ‘Wardrobe Reboot Experience’ is a whole week of clearing out, getting organised and finding new ways to wear your clothes (without overwhelm), but for now, we are going to do some reflecting which is an important first step.

the importance of outfit reflection

Looking back on a season once it’s coming to an end, is a really important part of wardrobe management. A little bit of time spent now, thinking about how well (or not) your wardrobe has worked for you over the summer, will pay dividends next year. I encourage my Style Club members to make a note of all of these things so that when summer 2023 begins, they know where they are at and what they might need to replace next summer (because it’s been worn and washed so much, it’s looking tired). This helps them to remember what they need to bring in and what they definitely shouldn’t get any more of because they already own too many!

Here’s a quick overview of the reflection process. I encourage you to start this soon and make some notes, either on your phone or in a lovely notebook that you can refer back to next spring.

ask yourself:

1. What have you worn to death? Could you do with more of the same? Often this is a particular type of t-shirt, vest top or sandal. Think about what caused a problem for you when it was in the wash and out of action for a day or two?

2. What is looking a bit washed out and tired and could do with replacing next summer? This could be anything but often it’s shorts or denim that are wearing thin on the knees or crotch. Or, white tops that are becoming stained under the armpits with deodorant marks or sweat (after this summer’s heatwave, this is very likely). Make a list.

3. What have you realised you have a lot of and need to stop buying? I’ve found many clients have a problem with buying too many Breton striped tops (there’s nothing wrong with a stripe – but how many do you have time to wear?). What’s your equivalent. Make a note to NOT allow any more into your wardrobe next summer!

4. What did you keep wishing you had as you put an outfit together – but never got around to finding? A nude sandal? A bright earring? A light or bright coloured bag? Write it down now and you might actually find one for next summer.  

5. What haven’t you worn at all? These might be things that you felt you ought to wear on a summer’s day but still haven’t seen the light of day? This is a big clue as to what your true style might be. If you’ve tried to smarten up and buy really nice summer dresses that haven’t been worn, you are likely more of a ‘natural’ in your style. Don’t buy any more. Maybe see how you could create a more casual look with those pieces rather than trying to wear with smart shoes and accessories. If they just don’t work – let them go to a better home and keep them out of your wardrobe next year.


If you are anything like me, you’ll forget these important reflections after a winter of cosy knits and boots, so please do write down your thoughts. As your wish-list comes together, have a quick look in the sales now. You might pick up a few bargains that you can save for next year.

And if not, make a note so that when spring 2023 rolls around, you are in a really strong place to have a wardrobe of clothes that works really well for you all summer.

Leave me a comment below and share your reflections! It’ll help others too.






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