Its not you, its the cloth


When I was a younger woman, I loved clothes. I was forever being inspired by people around me. Friends who looked nothing like me, with different body shapes and colouring. Back then, I had no idea that there were solid reasons why particular cuts, colours, fabrics, and styles work for specific types of women.

This constant inspiration brought me two problems.

  1. I was buying waaaay too many clothes.
  2. When an outfit didn’t look or feel good on me, I told myself if was because I didn’t look ‘right’.

And guess what? That made me feel pretty bad.

It wasn’t until my 30’s, after I’d had my babies, that I started to realise that we are all different and that’s why certain outfits look incredible on some people and absolutely shocking on others.

It turned out it’s got nothing to do with how you look or how much you spend! It’s all about the detail of your clothes and whether or not they ‘love you back’.

One particular time, I was window shopping and spotted a fabulous navy-blue dress, with a dainty cut out design that my friend Julie had worn to a wedding we’d both recently attended. She’d looked incredible, full of life, cool without being super-trendy, carefree and happy. And I wanted some of that for myself.

So, I hotfooted it into the changing room with the dress and excitedly tore off my clothes to try it on. I pulled the beautifully soft fabric over my head, smoothed it down, spun round to look at myself in the mirror….and my heart sank.

I looked awful. I mean, ridiculously rubbish.

And to me, that meant:

– I wasn’t as cool as Julie.

– I wasn’t as slim as Julie.

– I wasn’t as pretty as Julie.

Have you ever felt like that, I wonder?



Quite soon after DressGate, I stumbled across an advert for a local image consultant who offered something called Colour Analysis. She was going to show me which colours made ME look ‘glowy’, because it’s different for all of us. I had no idea this was even at thing, but it made sense. We look different so it kind of makes sense that we won’t all suit the same colours.

Unfortunately, my first experience of colour analysis wasn’t very positive. But I’ll be forever grateful because it’s partly how I’ve ended up doing this work and feeling so happy every day that I found it.

This experience led me to decide to train as an Image Consultant and what I learned about myself during my training was honestly, life changing for me.

For the first time I could see what was unique about me and start to feel amazing in my outfits. I felt like I was being given permission to wear those bright colours and styles I’d never dared to try for fear of getting it ‘wrong’.

And now I get to do this for my clients, online and in-person, privately and in groups. I even train other women how to do this and set up their own image businesses.

I want to see a world where every woman knows she is beautiful. No matter her age, shape or size. And I’m working hard at getting there!


SO that’s how I learned the valuable lesson. It’s not you, it’s your clothes!

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