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Great style isn’t as simple as buying lovely clothes and putting them on! Often it’s how you wear your clothes that makes all the difference.

Take a simple outfit comprising of a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt. This combination can look effortlessly cool and stylish, or frumpy and unflattering. The difference is in the detail.

Today I’m sharing 5 top tips to stylish dressing, (mostly) by using what you already own.

Try one of two of these tips and see the difference in your confidence and energy and leave me a comment below so that I can see what’s working.


TIP 1 – Rule of thirds

This concept is used in art, interior design, architecture and yes, you’ve guessed it, styling! The idea is that if a shape can be sectioned into thirds, it’s more aesthetically pleasing. So how does this play out in outfit creation? It’s simple really.

Think about either your top being 1/3 of your outfit and what you wear on your lower half being 2/3’s of your outfit.

Or, swap that over, so your top is longer and makes up 2/3’s of your overall outfit, with your trousers or skirt being 1/3.


TIP 2 – Push up your sleeves

This looks better on the vast majority of women (except if you are very classic in your style). It can draw more attention to your waist, break up a boxy shaped torso and give a feeling of being ready for anything. It’s an energetic look.


TIP 3 – get dressed as if you are going out every day

I learned this tip from my auntie when I was a little girl. She would take time each morning to do her hair and make-up even if all she was doing was staying home with the kids. When I asked her why she took so much care to be ready each day, she said that if they got invited out somewhere she’d never have time to get ready (with three young kids) so would be more likely to say no. She wanted to be ready for anything. Always.


TIP 4 – get inspired for new outfit ideas

Visit your favourite websites/shops/brands to get ideas and inspiration for new outfit combinations. If you have a skirt, pair of trousers or jacket that you don’t get enough wear out of, look for a similar piece online and then notice how it’s been styled in the images.

Or check out the ‘New In’ section and see what draws your eye. See if you can recreate any of the outfits with what you already own. Notice the footwear, accessories and details such as sleeve positioning, tucking in, belts. What makes this outfit a good one? How can you adapt it to feel right for your style?


TIP 5 – what is your wardrobe missing that could uplevel your outfits?

In doing step 4, you may have realised that every outfit you’ve been drawn towards has a particular type of trainer or boot, or accessory. If you don’t already own anything similar and feel you could get good use out of it, perhaps its time to treat yourself. My clients find that often it’s one specific item that I suggest they add into their clothing collection that seems to unlock a whole load of fabulous outfit options.


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