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Investing in luxury pieces for your wardrobe

You might think that January isn’t the right time to be discussing investing in luxury clothing. The thing is, it’s an important part of my theme of ‘Celebrating You’ this month and with the sales in full flow, this could be the perfect time for you to rethink your clothes buying policy.

I believe that you deserve nice things. I also think that it’s better to have fewer pieces of better quality clothing that make you feel fabulous, than a wardrobe rammed full of poorly made pieces that you don’t love, you don’t feel excited about wearing and that look shabby after just a few wears. Your clothes are your packaging and should be as wonderful as you are!


Know how your clothes were made

Luxury means different things to different people. It doesn’t have to mean brand new designer pieces, for example. It just means investing in good quality, well-made clothes that you love. Items that haven’t been produced in sweat shops or caused massive pollution in their production. It’s scary how many of the cheaper online companies and high street shops are still getting away with shocking production processes.

I’d much rather you treat yourself to a beautiful cashmere jumper that was lovingly made and that you adore, than pick out 3 or 4 polyester ones that won’t be as warm, won’t last as well and may well have been produced in a non-ethical way. Do take the time to check out the ethics of brands you are buying into and choose those that are transparent around their production, employment and sustainability policies.


Buy Pre-loved

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the better quality brands you admire, check out the second hand options. The re-seller market is BOOMING, particularly at this time of year when unworn and unwanted gifts are put up for sale on sites such as Vestiaire Collective and Vinted.


your values

Where you choose to spend your money depends very much on your personal values. If you value something, you’ll happily invest. If you don’t, you won’t.

How much do you value yourself? Are you good at showing yourself love and compassion by investing in yourself?

If you value health and wellbeing for example, you are more likely to spend your money on organic food. It costs more because the costs involved in producing it are higher. But you don’t mind spending more because it’s important to you to know what’s going into your body. If health and wellbeing aren’t very high in your values, you’ll perhaps consider going organic a waste of money.

My clients know that the way they feel in their clothes is connected to their wellbeing and they know it’s OK to invest in themselves. They avoid cheap, badly made pieces and focus on quality and longevity – and this feels totally luxurious to them.

Whether you are buying new or second hand, look after your clothes well and they will bring you years of pleasure. Bringing in just one or two amazing pieces that you love each year soon builds up to a wonderful collection.

does your wardrobe need a reboot?

If you recognise that your wardrobe isn’t looking or feeling very luxurious and you are ready to change, look out for details of my fabulous Wardrobe Reboot Challenge which will open for registration next month. It’s free to get involved and in the space of just 5 days we will take your wardrobe from overwhelming and cluttered to feeling luxurious and more boutique-like without buying a single thing!

Celebrating you with upleveled self care

Catch up on my first video of the year where I introduced the theme of Celebrating You. In this video, I talk about the benefits of bringing your off-duty outfits into your self-care routine in January. Give it a go and see how it makes you feel!

What else could you do to celebrate you? Share your ideas with me below. 

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