dramatic and girly style 

If you like to wear colour, print and/or embellishment in your outfits, you’ll likely have at least a small dose of one or both of these styles in your personal style mix.

In my last blog post, I described two of the four basic styles that could make up a proportion of your own style. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

Remember, your own personal style will comprise of your own specific mix of these styles. When I work one to one with a client, I put a percentage score on each different style, so that they know exactly how much they can take in an outfit without ever feeling over-dressed, under-dressed, that they’ve tried too hard, or not made enough of an effort.

Of everything I teach, this is often the most eye-opening.

Today, we are focusing on the more elaborate styles. I call them ‘dramatic’ and ‘girly’. Have a read through the descriptions for each of these styles and notice how they make you feel. If something sounds intriguing or exciting, it’s probably right for you – just make sure you get the right amount in an outfit. Too much, or not enough won’t have the right impact.


The Dramatic Style

Dramatics LOVE to wear colour. They wear it without apology. For some, it’s a pop of colour to make a statement. For others it’s colour blocking or seemingly clashing colours worn together.

Dramatics will seek out unusual cuts and dramatic shapes. Depending on your body shape, structure might play a big part in a dramatic style.

Prints usually play a major part in a dramatic’s wardrobe, but they need to be of a specific kind to work well. Bold, larger scale patterns are often the best kind for this style. I’m not covering the topic of ‘scale’ in this post but please note that your personal scale determines the size of prints that suit you best. Dramatic prints tend to be large scale.

True dramatics love to accessorise. They might be adorned from head to toe with several piercings, layered necklaces, bracelets and rings or just use one or two statement pieces in an outfit. Handbags tend to be bold. Either oversized or in a statement colour.

I once had a client in my studio who wasn’t convinced she had any drama in her style. I just knew that she did. She then revealed to me that she was wearing a leopard print underwear set. She was hiding her drama! This is typical of an under-cover dramatic – you might just need ‘permission’ to go for it!


The Girly Style

Women who suit this style tend to favour soft tones and pretty colours in their outfits. (I can’t write that without reminding you that the colour palette that flatters your skin tone might be more important that wearing colours that are in a style you like! No matter how simple I try to make the advice in my blogs, you need to know that each element of style needs to be considered for an outfit to be 10/10.)

If you favour wearing skirts and dresses over trousers, you may well suit this style.

The most flattering prints for women who suit this style are small floral, ditzy prints and polka dots.

Again, your personal scale will determine the right size of print. Prints can be a complicated thing to get right, if the print is too big for you, it’ll overwhelm you and if it’s too small, it’ll make you look bigger*.

Girly accessories are small and pretty. They delicately embellish your outfit without being obvious or overbearing.

If any of this feels good to you, you’ll likely have at least a small amount of the girly style in your personal style mix. If it doesn’t, this will be a style to remove from your wardrobe and to stop buying. When I found this out for myself, back in 2009, it was SUCH a relief!


Ideas for a Dramatic and a Girly wardrobe

  Dramatic Girly
Coat/Jacket Leather jacket | Coloured/patterned statement coat Double breasted | Fit and flare shape
Footwear Chunky boots| Flatform shoes | coloured or textured Ballet flats | Court shoes | Mary-Jane style
Trouser Coloured, textured, skinny or wide leg. Leather/distressed denim Prefer skirts and dresses
Skirt Mini, midi or maxi, coloured, patterned, unusual texture Pencil | A-line (depending on body shape*) | Floaty
Top Statement neckline, colour, texture, printed Pretty details | Crochet | Embroidery | Lace trim | Puff sleeve
Knitwear Oversized | Embellished | Bold colour Oversized Crochet | Pretty neckline | Twin set
Jacket Oversized blazer | Coloured | Textured Fitted | Shorter length
Accessories Layered | Statement pieces Small scale | Dainty | Pretty
Handbag Large | Bold | Statement Small | Pretty detail


*I’ll be covering all four elements of style at my live event on Saturday 25th April.  Tickets are on sale now at www.helenreynoldsstyle.com/masterclass2020. Come along and get the full picture of your style!

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