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Buckle up ladies: this is a serious one!

There are bucket-loads of gorgeous things arriving on the high street every day at the moment. To be honest, I’m having trouble preventing myself from ditching the written content of this post, and just sending you pictures of snuggly jumpers, beautiful coats and smart boots, but, I’m over-ruling myself and instead I’m focussing on something else close to my heart which is a bit more cerebral.

On the surface, style is a ‘fluffy’ subject. While there are so many serious and scary things taking place in the world, what I believe to be the best length for a jacket seems VERY frivolous by comparison. I believe in the bottom of my soul that there’s more to my love of finding the right clothes for the right person than just how they look in their new gear. When I work with a client, a bigger transformation takes place, and it happens on the inside, not the outside.

Yes, having new clothes is ace. Yes, we do feel excited about trying out new outfit styles. But, there’s something far more significant at work here. Because, the way you look affects how you feel and behave.

If you don’t believe that something so (literally) superficial could be having a major impact on your life, think again.

  • How do you feel when you spend the whole day regretting your decision not to wash your hair? Awful? Embarrassed when people talk to you? Does it make you feel uncomfortable for the whole day?
  • What goes through your mind when you know you are wearing the ‘wrong’ outfit to an event? ‘I can’t wait to leave’? ‘I hope no one talks to me’?

You could have been in a perfectly zingy mood before you left the house, but getting something wrong like this can mess up your entire day and leave you feeling inadequate and eroded of any confidence you started with.

That’s why I believe my job is so important for female happiness. As much as we like to believe we can just throw on something old and faded and be our true, confident self, most of us can’t.

When I work with a client I teach them how to identify the clothes that really ‘love them back’. I show them how to track down the pieces that highlight their best features. These women sometimes take on an ethereal glow when they come out of a changing room in something that genuinely suits them. It’s like turning on a self-esteem light inside. You can see that they know they look good, and as a result: they feel good too.

Getting to grips with your personal style rules means an end to any doubt about what suits you. You can be sure that there’s ALWAYS going to be something in the wardrobe to lift your spirits and make you feel great about yourself. Best of all, it means an end to wasteful shopping and things left languishing in the drawer because you aren’t sure why, but they just don’t work for you.

It’s not about being uber-fashionable, showy dressing, competing on the school run, or any of that rubbish. It’s about knowing that you are representing the real you on the outside. Having the sort of confidence that gives you the strength to grab life by the balls and take all the opportunities that come your way.

So that’s my rant over! Now it’s your turn. I really want to hear from you. So, get brave, leave a comment and tell me your experiences with clothes and confidence. Or, tell me what makes you feel fabulous whenever you wear it.  I love to hear your stories.




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