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Do excuse me for sharing the final 2 parts of our Back to Basics Series in one blog, but we need to cover these important basic elements of style before we can get into your wardrobe for The Wardrobe Reboot Challenge starting on Monday!

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Knowing the looks that ‘love you back’ is a key part of really stepping up and owning your style – so that wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, you feel like you – a really fabulous version of wonderful YOU.

When I learned about my style 12 years ago during my training to become an independent Image Consultant, this element of style was the biggest eye-opener ever. I had no idea that there were real reasons why certain types of dresses would never make me look or feel good, however much I lusted after them AND what a relief it would be to let go of the desire to wear them!

In this video I describe four very different clothing styles – see which appeal most to you and if there are any that you feel ready to ditch.


Have you ever wondered why certain pieces of jewellery seem to be really versatile and work with almost every one of your outfits and others are removed almost as soon as you’ve put them on. You can’t put your finger on why they don’t work but you hang onto them anyway, just in case one day you manage make it work? My guess is, it could be a scale issue.

Your personal scale affects not only the size or weight of jewellery that suits you, but also the size of print, sole of shoe, heel, detail on handbags and thickness of belt, that works for you every time.

Watch my final video in this Back to Basics series and see if you can work out what your scale might be. It’ll be heavily influenced by your clothing style, so you’ll need to work that out first.


The 4 Key Elements of style laid out for you – I do hope this has helped you to get clearer on your own style.

Make sure you’ve signed up to participate in The Wardrobe Reboot Challenge, starting on Monday 13th September where we can start to reflect your style within your clothing collection.

And if you are still confused about the true possibilities for your style, make sure you are signed up to receive my regular emails and watch out for your invitation to get my help. I know that looking at yourself objectively can be really difficult and you  might need more input from me to get you there.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment on the blog – let me know which of these elements of style has been the biggest eye opener for you.

Helen x

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