Looking and feeling ‘sparkly’ over the festive period does not have to be in the literal sense. I’ve noticed over the years, a certain obligation that a Christmas party outfit needs to be a dress and probably involve sequins.

I want you to know that there are SO many ways to bring festive cheer into your outfits, without going anywhere near a sequin or a dress – particularly if you would never choose to wear a dress for the other 364 days of the year.

Here are 5 non-shiny but fabulous ideas for you.


1. Ditch the idea of finding the perfect dress

Finding a dress that fits you well might be a long process. Particularly, if you have a pear shaped figure or are self-conscious of your tummy/arms/legs. …see why a dress shouldn’t feel like the default option?!

Great alternatives are jumpsuits (for some), or a skirt/trouser and a fabulous top combination. If you are buying something new, it makes much more sense for it to be something you can wear again and again throughout the year. A sequin dress is likely to be worn once, then be left hanging in your wardrobe, never to be worn again (because you’ll want something new for next Xmas). And unless you’ve gone with environmentally friendly sequins (made from trees), those sequins will still exist long after you.


2. Bring the ‘sparkle’ into your accessories

A neutral coloured jumpsuit, dress or outfit can be incredibly sophisticated and perfectly suited to the festive period when it’s decorated with beautiful accessories. Whether statement earrings, a colourful necklace or a show stopping clutch bag.

Earrings John Lewis & Partners Stone Teardrop Earrings, £12.80


3. Go to town with your footwear

Many of us have got used to wearing trainers and flats with so much time at home, but digging out those fabulous heels that haven’t seen the light of day for so long might be all you need to feel elevated and sparkly this Christmas. Pop a pair of foldable flats in your clutch if you’ll be dancing and don’t want to risk an injury.


4. up level and refine your make-up

Take some time at the make-up counter this weekend to find your perfect lip shade. Whether traditional pillar box red or a fuchsia pink. A bold lip often requires a flawless base so make sure yours is a great match for your skin tone and in a finish that feels more velvet than cake. One of my favourite ways to dress up during December is head to toe black with a bright red lip.

Boden JumpsuitHalterneck Velvet Jumpsuit – £110.00


5. Embrace texture

From velvet to faux fur, a bit of texture in a fabric can bring a wonderful touch of class to your outfit. This is especially useful if you are drawn to brighter colours but they seem to overwhelm you. Texture tends to gently soften a brighter shade making it more wearable for those who suit more muted tones.


GET ahead and enjoy the process

I usually spend an hour or so in early December working out my outfit options for all the events I have in my diary for the month. That means that all the lovely pieces I’ve collected over the years get a chance to be worn again. I check each piece is ready to be worn (looking out for loose threads or hemlines, heels that need repairing) to avoid that last minute, what-to-wear stress.

Getting ready for a party should be as fun as the party itself! I’d love you to share your ‘getting ready’ ritual in the comments. My essentials are lots of time and my favourite tunes (and sometimes a glass of fizz to sip whilst I take care over my make-up!).

Whichever way you choose to sparkle this Christmas, have fun. This is my last blog for 2021 – I’ll be back next year with more style tips and inspiration.

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