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How to quickly and easily put outfits together

How are you at putting together outfits that feel good? How long does it take? How much stress is involved? How much mess do you make along the way?

Trust me, I’ve been there with the indecision, frustration and sometimes sheer panic that I have to leave the house and still haven’t found the ‘right’ outfit to wear.

What you wear shouldn’t be that important, but we all know the positive effect wearing a great outfit can have on your day, your confidence, your willingness to show up and the impact you have in your business.

Lucky for you (and me!) there’s a solution. It is perfectly possible to have a bank of outfits that you can rely on for any occasion and any weather. But, it won’t happen like magic by clicking your fingers. And it won’t happen by continuing to ignore the problem.

You will need to put in some time. But I cannot tell you what a great investment of time it can be!


Now there are a couple of things that will make this process a lot easier…

  1. Having a good understanding of your style (in terms of the colours that suit you and work well together and the cuts and styles that love you back).
  2. Having some tried and tested outfit formulas (a repeatable way of dressing that works for your shape).

When you are armed with this information about yourself AND when you have the right pieces (or ingredients) in your wardrobe this whole process becomes so much easier. Scroll down to find out how you can get my support with this.

So, whether you know your style already or not, here are your instructions!


The Process

Set aside an hour or two.

  1. Know your lifestyle areas – what are you dressing for?
  2. Pull out your fave items – those pieces that fit well and feel like you.
  3. Take one piece and try it with different combinations. 
  4. Add footwear and a coat or jacket.
  5. When you find an outfit that works – take a photo and save it in an album.
  6. Repeat…

When you have 10 outfits, that’s two working weeks’ worth sorted. 

However many outfits you manage to create, check back in with your lifestyle areas. You might realise you have lots of options for video calls but not enough full outfits for leaving the house. 

Lastly, make a note of where you are lacking and focus in on improving those areas. What is missing from your wardrobe that would help? Make yourself a list.


Once you’ve created your outfits

Once you’ve identified your fail-safe outfits, you’ll probably find you now only use those items for the next few weeks. You can repeat this process at any time to find more combinations you like and if you realise that the rest of the items you own are not being used at all, this could be a sign that those pieces can safely go.

I recommend you work through this process at least 4 times per year as the seasons change. Pop a reminder in your diary to work on your seasonal outfits and you’ll reap the rewards with your stress-free mornings!

*If you get stuck, or would rather have me do the outfit creating, check out my highest level service, The VIP Style Revamp. This is for women who are serious about making real change in their style and see their personal style as the next step in their self and business development. There is an application process for this higher-end experience to ensure that this is exactly what you need.

This is a four session, in-person program where we identify your style, edit your wardrobe, shop for the pieces you need together and create the outfits you need. It’s really everything you could ever wish for!

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