How to Mix and Match what you already own


How often do you get stuck on knowing what you want to wear? You’d think with a wardrobe full of clothes, you’d be spoilt for choice, but it doesn’t seem to work like that does it? Often, the more you have, the less inspired you feel when you are choosing what to wear.

This is because having a lot of clothes can create overwhelm. And when we feel overwhelmed, it’s really hard to make decisions and see the wood for the trees – or, the outfits for the clothes…

In today’s blog, I’m sharing my 7 step mix and match process to creating new and exciting outfits from the clothes you already own. It’s the process I use with my private clients and it’s how I find new inspiration in my own wardrobe time and again.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below!



Have a quick look at everything – from tops to bottoms, footwear and accessories. This gives you a chance to take in what you have and see what jumps out as something you’d like to wear more often.

2. Pick one key piece

Select something you’d like to build outfits around. This could be a skirt, a pair of trousers or anything you’d like to get working harder for you.

3. Select 5 pieces to try with your key item

Choose at least 5 pieces (tops if you’ve chosen a skirt/trousers) that you’d like to try with the key piece. The aim is to find 3 new outfit combinations, so it’s ok if some don’t work.

4. Be objective

When you’ve tried on a new combination, play with collars, turning up cuffs or rolling up sleeves, tucking or half tucking. And when you look in the mirror, don’t just look at the part of your body you are most self-conscious of. Other people see you as a whole person and won’t focus in on your tummy/thighs.


Pick items that you aren’t sure will work. You might surprise yourself and breathe new life into something you love but never seem to wear.

Mix old with new, smart with casual and high-end with less expensive pieces.


When you’ve found a combination you like, find the accessories, footwear and a coat or jacket that works. I want you to be able to leave the house in this outfit!


It’s easy to forget the combination on a busy morning when you are in a rush, so take a record of it by snapping a photo of your outfit, either in a full length mirror or with each piece laid out together. And then repeat! See how many outfits you can create in an hour.


To me, mixing and matching clothes is easy and fun, but like anything it’s like exercising a muscle. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. We’ll be doing more of this in The Wardrobe Reboot Experience in a couple of weeks, so make sure you register your place today and let me support you through your transformation!

“I signed up for the Wardrobe Reboot initially because it sounded like just what I needed – to start thinking a bit more broadly about my outfit choices. Plus I love a good declutter – not that my wardrobe was that cluttered but I was still amazed by the result just from those 5 days. What was even more fun was having the inspiration to be more playful in my outfit choices.”

Carol Cooper Chapman

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